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Trump goes off on weird rant about “O Canada” song before trashing them at rally

Trump goes off on weird rant about “O Canada” song before trashing them at rally

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The closer we get to election day, the more insanity pours out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

While foreign policy has been given very little attention in this election cycle — unjustifiably so, given how Trump has alienated most of America’s traditional allies around the world as he cozies up to the world’s tyrants and dictators — the president briefly touched upon our nation’s relationship with our northernmost neighbor in a barely coherent rant that had all the international diplomacy gravitas of a Bozo the clown appearing before a convention of drunken used car salesmen.

Besides the complete misunderstanding of the reasons behind the kneeling protests during the national anthem at sporting events, Trump uses his criticism of a warmed-over controversy that has long been eclipsed by Black Lives Matters marches in cities across the country to launch into a back-handed attack on the NAFTA trade deal that has already been replaced by a new trade agreement that is barely much different than what preceded it.

It is still a mystery how anyone could possibly see this footage — and the subsequent clip where he can’t even remember the name of the most advanced new weapon under development by the U.S. military in response to Russia’s program to deploy similar technology — and believe that this man deserves a second term rather than being shuttled off to a nursing home where his apparent creeping dementia can be treated without harming anyone.

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If you want a president who can string a decipherable sentence together and follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion rather than present the results of a series of randomly firing neurons, get out and vote for Joe Biden.

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Maybe we’ll even be able to go visit Canada again someday, once Trump is removed from office and a competent president takes charge with an actual federal plan to combat the pandemic — a pandemic that has run amok in the U.S. and forced our neighbors to close their borders to prevent infected Americans from spreading disease.

Make it happen people. Get out and vote!

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