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“Anonymous” Trump critic revealed as DHS official complicit in child separation and mass deportation

“Anonymous” Trump critic revealed as DHS official complicit in child separation and mass deportation

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You may recall how an “anonymous” Trump official wrote an enormously self-indulgent and craven 2018 op-ed in the New York Times in which he criticized the President and claimed to have been part of a “resistance” which was “undermining the Trump administration from within.”

To the great delight and anticipation of absolutely nobody, the “Anonymous” official decide to unmask himself on Wednesday afternoon, revealing himself to have been Miles Taylor (no relation), the Chief of Staff to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen.

The lengths to which Taylor went to fabricate the appearance of exculpatory evidence two years in advance make perfect sense once it became clear that this man is complicit in crimes against humanity. He worked with Nielsen to help whitewash and downplay the horrors of the child separation project, which tore thousands of innocent, young children away from their parents and incarcerated them in private-prison run concentration camps to be neglected and systematically abused by their jailors.

Buzzfeed reports that “But his own emails prove that not only was he there prior to its enactment, he even helped prepare its roll out — in an email to former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the days before the policy was announced, he sent her talking points with the Orwellian title, ‘Protecting Children Narrative.'”

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Barely more than a week ago, Taylor was arguing that the Trump administration couldn’t find the parents of 545 children because their parents didn’t want them anymore. It’s hard to put into words how monstrous that statement is considering that Taylor and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security failed to keep an accurate record of where the children and their parents were sent.

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Not only was he involved in the child separation policy and the unimaginable suffering that was needlessly inflicted on thousands upon thousands of young kids whose parents had committed the crime of seeking a better life for their children, but he was also directly involved in the development of the Trump policy’s next illegal attempt to punish and deter migrants.

NBC News reports that Miles Taylor was directly involved in the development of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which was also an exercise in deliberate cruelty.  The “Migrant Protection Protocols” involved deporting tens of thousands of immigrants to dangerous Mexico border towns to await an asylum hearing which usually would never grant aslyum.

66,000 people, including more than 20,000 children, have been sent to Mexico, where they are deposited in overwhelmed refugee camps and left to be preyed upon by vicious cartel gangs. Immigration activist group RAICES reports that there have been over 1,114 crimes committed against the MPP migrants, including murder, rape, torture, and kidnapping. 265 of the victims are children.

Miles Taylor was directly involved and complicit in not one but two ethnic cleansing programs designed to inflict cruelty and trauma on some of the world’s most vulnerable people on behalf of a wildly corrupt and sadistic President and his agenda of naked white supremacy.

Taylor clearly has no regrets about what he’s done, judging from his recent tweets; instead, he cynically is trying to set himself up for a post-Trump career of book deals and MSNBC contributor appearances like every scumbag ex-Republican from the Bush administration successfully did during the Trump era. He probably believes that his self-unmasking will lead him to be hailed as a hero for “resisting Trump” within the organization.

Instead, it exposes him as not just a greedy coward but as a monster who should be facing a tribunal for crimes against humanity.

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