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Giuliani melts down and demands an apology after Fox host shuts down his Hunter Biden smears

Giuliani melts down and demands an apology after Fox host shuts down his Hunter Biden smears

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The Republican Party and its myriad media outlet tentacles are thrashing about vainly in the final days before the election, desperate to convince the American people to care about their manufactured smear campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. According to GOP operatives led by the partisan hatchetman Rudy
Giuliani, a laptop that belonged to Hunter was left at a computer repair shop. When the owner of the store looked at its contents he allegedly grew concerned and handed the material over to the FBI. It also ended up in the hands of Giuliani.

The narrative as put forward by these deeply untrustworthy Republicans is suspect and impossible to verify. Sex tapes of Hunter ostensibly gleaned from the laptop have since leaked and Republicans also claim that text messages detailing some kind of shady business dealings were discovered which may or may not implicate Joe Biden himself. The entire thing is incredibly opaque and depending on which conservative is ranting about it, the exact nature of the allegations shifts. Suffice to say, this scandal is an obvious attempt by Trump loyalists to tank Joe Biden’s campaign.

The president himself is deeply irritated that the vast majority of Americans aren’t falling for the obvious sham and tweeted angrily about it today. Giuliani, who has been the face of this farce since the beginning, appeared on Fox News last night and tried to inject some life into the dying conspiracy theories about Hunter by claiming, without evidence, that there were photographs of “underage girls” on Hunter’s laptop.

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While he was perhaps hoping for a sympathetic ear from Fox Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, she refused to entertain his accusations. Giuliani persisted in peddling his misinformation and Kennedy pushed back, saying her news department would seek to “verify” what he was saying, but that it sounded “fishy” and that much of the information may have been “adulterated” over time.

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Kennedy added that Giuliani acted somewhat like Christopher Steele, the former M16 intelligence officer who put together the infamous dossier on Trump’s Russian connections. Steele has become something of a bugaboo in right-wing circles and Giuliani did not take kindly to the comparison.

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“You got to be kidding me? I was acting like Christopher Steele?” said Giuliani, his face contorting and eyes flaring.

“That’s what it sounds like,” she responded.

“You better apologize. You better apologize for that! I mean I’ve been a United States Attorney, Associate Attorney General, Mayor of New York City, and a member of the bar for fifty years. I’ve never been accused of anything and you’re accusing me of being Christopher Steele?” Giuliani said as if any of his prior jobs somehow immunized him against transforming into a shamelessly mendacious minion of the worst president in American history.

Kennedy and Giuliani went back and forth with him growing more heated as she refused to back down. At one point he even had the gall to accuse Kennedy of “outrageous defamation,” an incredibly ironic attack coming from a man who has spent months baselessly attacking the reputation of Hunter Biden. By the end of it, Giuliani had beclowned himself as usual and failed to add even a shred of credibility to his outlandish claims.

Watch Giuliani meltdown below.

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