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Social media explodes after Trump strands thousands of his fans in the freezing cold after rally

Social media explodes after Trump strands thousands of his fans in the freezing cold after rally

Last night, President Trump held a rally in Omaha, Nebraska, which was purely a self-indulgent opportunity to massage his ego, since there is little chance that he loses the state to Joe Biden next week. Once his hours of rambling were over, Trump hopped back on his jet and flew away — leaving thousands of his supporters stranded in the freezing cold at Eppley Airfiled.

Clogged parking lots, lost cars, and a lack of buses stranded huge numbers of Trump fans in the open as they were battered with unusually vicious winds, with many having to walk three miles to get back to their vehicles. The rally ended at 9:30 pm, but it took until past midnight to get everyone away — and by that time, over thirty people needed medical attention.

“Is there any place you would rather be than a Trump rally on about a 10-degree evening? … It’s cold out here but that’s okay,” sneered Trump during his speech, who certainly never felt a moment of physical discomfort himself that night.

The metaphor for Trump’s relationship with his supporters could not be more perfect. Not only has his reckless spree of rallies and dangerous disregard for COVID-19 safety procedures put their lives in danger, but now his fans are getting a first-hand lesson in how there are two different Americas — one where the wealthy fly away in comfort and warmth while the rest of us get left on the tarmac in the freezing cold.

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Unfortunately, at this point, there’s nothing that will shake their fanatical loyalty to this man, for some inexplicable reason. Which is why social media members had a hard time drumming up any sympathy for them:

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