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Trump claims he’s never heard of “Anonymous” despite having tweeted about him months ago

Trump claims he’s never heard of “Anonymous” despite having tweeted about him months ago

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For someone who likes to criticize his Democratic opponent as lacking the mental facilities to handle the job of the presidency, Donald Trump sure seems to be having some acute memory problems of his own.

After Miles Taylor — the former Chief of Staff to former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, revealed today that he was the author of The New York Times op-ed and the subsequent best selling book formerly attributed to “Anonymous”  — the president posted this tweet claiming to never have heard of the former senior administration official.

While it’s difficult to argue that the perpetrator of “FRAUD on the American people” shouldn’t be punished, given that the president himself is the chief source of duplicity and deception in this administration, it seems like he should be the one being fired, shamed, and held accountable for his actions.

The clear sign of Trump’s mental decline, however, is his assertion that he has never heard of Miles Taylor.

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Especially since it is a claim that he has made before, and presumably he would remember this tweet that he wrote back in August when Taylor became one of the first Trump administration insiders to publicly come out against his re-election.

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If Trump didn’t recall the tweet he posted a little over two months ago — it must be hard for him to remember everything he posts given the volume of tweets that he generates — perhaps his memory would be jogged by the reply that Taylor made to his first tweet claiming never to have met the Chief of Staff for the federal department that he tasked with separating refugee children from their parents at the border and locking them up in heinous conditions.

After reviewing the evidence, most people would have to conclude that either Donald Trump’s brain is malfunctioning even more grossly than usual or that he is — shocking, we know — lying about not knowing who Taylor is.

The folks who replied to the president’s latest tweet claiming that he has no idea who this former top official is tended to lean towards the latter explanation.

Hopefully, soon the day will come when everyone who has ever encountered Donald Trump will go out of their way to deny ever having met him as his evil legacy fades into the mists of time.

First, however, we have to get him out of the White House. We need to vote Joe Biden in with such an overwhelming margin that Trump’s schemes to steal the election by rejecting mail-in ballots are doomed to fail.

With less than a week before election day, it’s imperative that you cast your ballot as soon as you can!

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