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Trump’s Interior Secretary viciously trashes ex-Obama official after he calls out law violation

Trump’s Interior Secretary viciously trashes ex-Obama official after he calls out law violation

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One of the hallmarks of the Donald Trump administration is the most shameful unprofessionalism and naked bias that organs of the federal government have ever shown. Whether it’s the State Department promoting an extremist religious agenda, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration firing its chief scientist for insisting on scientific integrity, or the Justice Department acting like the president’s personal legal team, the government has been filled with Trump sycophants from top to bottom, and it shows in their behavior.

The Press Secretary of the Interior recently came under fire from President Obama’s Interior digital team chief, Tim Fullerton, for using government resources to produce and promote an outrageous pro-Trump propaganda video extolling his extremely tenuous accomplishments for the environment.

The official line is that the president created “investments in natural parks” and increased funding for conservation; to hear Trump tell it, he has brought us “the cleanest water and air that we have ever” had despite having rolled back as many protective regulations as he possibly could have.  On top of that, he’s taken at least 159 separate actions to “to scale back or wholly eliminate climate mitigation and adaptation measures,” according to Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.

Just this morning, Trump stripped the Tongass National Forest of its protections and opened up its 9.3 million acres to plunder and despoilment by greedy corporations.

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Fullerton took to Twitter to slam Secretary David Bernhardt for using taxpayer dollars to produce and promote this wildly misleading propaganda video, rightfully calling it out as an outrageous violation of ethics and the Hatch Act, which forbids civil service employees from engaging in overtly political activity.

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“These are government resources that are meant to promote the work of the department or public lands. It shouldn’t be used this way. It’s really upsetting to think about the thousands of people at the Interior Department who are being subjected to this. They shouldn’t have to deal with this,” said Fullerton to the Washington Post.

In response, the official Press Secretary’s office account directly quote-tweeter Fullerton and publicly trashed him, saying that thankfully their tweets were “no longer” overseen by him and had “removed the rotten stench” of the previous administration, which they claimed had “failed” to invest in the ethics program.

The declaration is by the Interior Press Secretary’s office is absolutely ridiculous. Secretary David Bernhardt himself is an oil lobbyist who Trump placed in charge of managing our nation’s pristine wilderness and millions of acres of public lands, which is about as flagrant as an ethics violation as you possibly can get.

Multiple Trump officials have been criticized for violating the Hatch Act, including Secretary Pompeo, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, former presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway, and the President himself, who regularly holds campaign events at the White House. The attitude of the Trump administration towards ethics was made clear when White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows snarked that “nobody outside of the Beltway really cares” about the incessant violation of federal law.

At this point, it’s just disappointing to see the official organs of the United States government being used to wage petty internet feuds against former officials. The whole debacle is a grim reminder that the preservation of the environment and taking an aggressive stance against climate change is one of the most important reasons to vote for Joe Biden — not to mention his promise to restore a moral and ethical compass to the United States government.

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