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Trump invents ridiculous Biden quote and claims he doesn’t know what Philadelphia is

Trump invents ridiculous Biden quote and claims he doesn’t know what Philadelphia is

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President Trump desperately wishes he were running against someone other than Joe Biden. As a result, he’s resigned himself to running a campaign against a strawman version of the Democratic nominee that bears little if any resemblance to the man who the polls indicate is likely to become our 46hth president.

Trump’s claims that the former vice president is an advocate for radical socialism fall apart under even the most cursory investigation. Americans know Biden as a reasonable, lifelong moderate and this reputation is in large part why he was able to win the Democratic primary. Trump has tried to argue that Biden is in cognitive decline, a conspiracy theory that was thoroughly debunked when Biden crushed him on the debate stage in front of millions of viewers. Perhaps most egregiously, Trump and his Republican catspaws have gone after Biden’s son Hunter, hurling baseless accusations of corrupt foreign deals and entanglements in a vain attempt to drag Joe Biden down into the mud.

None of these strategies seem to be paying dividends for President Trump and so now he’s resorting to the last trick in his bag: making things up about Biden out of thin air. At his rally in Tampa, Florida today the president invented a Joe Biden quote. He started by bringing up the unrest unfolding in Philadelphia in the wake of another police shooting of a Black man.

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“Look what’s he doing in Philadelphia. Look what’s happening. Those are people that he’s supporting. He couldn’t even come out against them yesterday,” lied Trump. In reality, Biden addressed the looting by saying “there is no excuse whatsoever for the looting and the violence. None whatsoever.”

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“They asked him a question,” Trump continued. “He said: ‘Uh what’s Philadelphia? Where is it?’ He didn’t know what state he was in!” the president said, completely inventing the incident and a quote to go with it. Biden said no such thing and knows Philadelphia better than Trump, being a Pennsylvania native himself. Not surprisingly, the MAGA crowd ate up the misinformation with relish.

“Other than that he’s doing a wonderful job,” Trump went on. “Could you imagine? Could you imagine losing to this guy? Could you imagine? Our First Lady will have to say: ‘Darling I don’t know… This is impossible.'”

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Thankfully, Trump is about to find out exactly what it feels like to lose to a guy like Joe Biden. That is to say, he’s about to find out what it feels like to lose to a man who is his moral and intellectual superior, a man actually capable of compassion, a man with a soul.

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