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Tucker Carlson ludicrously claims someone stole his package full of Biden evidence

Tucker Carlson ludicrously claims someone stole his package full of Biden evidence

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The Republican Party’s efforts to weaken Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by smearing his son Hunter have officially hit rock bottom. For weeks Trump, the GOP, and the right-wing media machine have been churning out vague allegations that Hunter was involved in some kind of shady deals in Ukraine and China, implying and sometimes outright alleging that the former vice president himself had a hand in these supposed corrupt dealings.

Details on the supposed improprieties have been scarce and constantly shifting but most of the conspiracies center around a laptop that Rudy Giuliani claims used to belong to Hunter and which supposedly contains text messages and files which expose the alleged dealings.

Yesterday, the former New York Mayor turned Trump lackey went on Fox News and also claimed without a shred of evidence that Hunter had photographs of underage girls on his laptop. Fox host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery pushed back on the wild accusation, causing Giuliani to have a meltdown on air and demand an apology.

This coordinated and deeply pathetic attempt to salvage Trump’s flagging reelection campaign reached its nadir last night during Tucker Carlson Tonight. The reliably pro-Trump Carlson claimed that one of his producers mailed some trove of “documents” related to the Hunter story to him but that they never arrived. With a completely straight face, Carlson stated that the company which shipped the package discovered that it had been opened and that the contents had “disappeared.”

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According to Carlson, the unnamed shipping company began an extensive search for the “documents,” and interviewed “every one of its employees” who would have come into contact with the package but “they found nothing.” Carlson tied up the segment by saying that both he and the company was “baffled and deeply bothered” by the incident.

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The clip quickly went viral with viewers unloading a bevy of mockery and incredulous questions. Why did Carlson’s producer not scan the documents and send them digitally? If these materials were so important, why didn’t they make copies before putting them in the mail? If they really did disappear, why didn’t Carlson bring his producer on to explain what was contained in them? The entire thing has a similar feel to a lazy student telling his teacher that his dog ate his homework.

Clearly, Carlson was trying to imply that sinister forces working in the interests of Joe Biden conducted a covert operation to locate and extract the damning documents. If that sounds like a subplot from some bad knockoff Tom Clancy novel, it’s because that’s how low the bar of Republican credulity has become under Trump. Since there is no real substance to the Hunter allegations, conservative lie mongers like Carlson are reduced to claiming they had their hands on bombshell evidence only for it to slip through their fingers.

According to The Daily Beast, UPS was the company responsible for shipping the package and they have since located it and will be handing it over to Carlson. It’s anyone’s guess what it actually contains. A safe bet would be that the documents amount to nothing but that Carlson will breathlessly claim that they prove sprawling corruption within the Biden family. But who cares? He and his compatriots have already been claiming as much without evidence for weeks.

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