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Ivanka Trump shares video of woman doing the “Trump dance” not realizing it was mocking him

Ivanka Trump shares video of woman doing the “Trump dance” not realizing it was mocking him

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President Trump’s recent campaign rally dancing antics have been a source of much amusement to social media users, who have found the addled old racist’s intensely awkward and jerky movements to unlicensed popular music to be extremely funny.

Perhaps taking a leaf from Trump lipsyncher Sarah Cooper’s book, a young woman named Julia Keith went megaviral on the app TikTok with her video imitating the president, which was happily promoted by his daughter, Ivanka Trump, from her Twitter account:

But it turns out the 26-year-old was making fun of the President for his “white dad dance moves” and has no intention of voting for Trump. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Keith said that she was mocking him because he “dances like how a lot of white people in America dance” (i.e. poorly and without rhythm) and “I was just making people laugh — I don’t want to be a MAGA icon…definitely not a pro-Trump dance.”

“I thought the dance was hilarious, it was the ultimate white dad type of dance moves. I’d been dancing my whole life. I did classical ballet for 15 years and I got up to try to do his dance and I was stumped. It took me an hour!” laughed Keith. “It was so bad, it was impressive.”

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Keith was horrified to realize that TikTok algorithms sent her video directly to MAGA social media circles and her video was being interpreted as a pro-Trump dance. So she made a second video clarifying her position to her newfound audience, declaring that “this was NOT what I had intended!

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Her most recent TikTok work has focused on showing voters how to properly file their ballots — for Joe Biden.

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Perhaps Ivanka should have done her homework before passing this on!






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