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Loser: low-energy, defeated Trump gives mopey, concession-like speech in final pitch to voters

Loser: low-energy, defeated Trump gives mopey, concession-like speech in final pitch to voters

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Four days before the long-awaited 2020 election, President Trump does not sound like a guy who is very confident in his chances of winning re-election. In a very low-energy, almost conession-like speech this afternoon in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Trump sadly moped that he “could have been the greatest” if it weren’t for Biden raising $300 million a month:

Which is not exactly the fire-and-brimstone energy we would expect to hear from a man certain that he was about to win his re-election and insulate himself from a torrent of civil lawsuits and prosecution for another four years.

Trump’s desperation was clearly evident in his barrel-scraping attacks on former Vice-President Joe Biden, veering off the rails into the realm of outrageous hyperbole and ridiculous invention. Grasping at anything to try to convince people to vote for him, Trump painted a bleak picture of the future under Joe Biden — a future where, according to Trump, there will be no future.

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No graduations, no Christmas. No more hotdogs, or grandmas, or sunlight, or mowing the grass, or looking at pictures of cute dogs online. All that and more will be gone under Joe Biden, if President Trump’s slurring is to be believed.

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The president also warned that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) would be put in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, which is obviously a racist dogwhistle to his supporters but would be in practice a wonderful idea, as Rep. Omar is one of the few American politicians who could be trusted to take the aggressive, controversial, and necessary steps needed to purge the agency of its jack-booted white supremacist agents and put an end to the vile concentration camps that ICE detains innocent migrants in, where they are put to slave labor and systematically abused by their jailors.

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These declarations are obviously ridiculous and even Trump’s most fanatic supporters have to know they are entirely divorced from reality; but if that’s what he needs to say to make himself feel better, then by all means. He’s definitely not picking up any new votes with this kind of energy! Let’s make his nightmare a reality this Tuesday!

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