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Ocasio-Cortez roasts “wet napkin” Lindsey Graham after he smears her in debate

Ocasio-Cortez roasts “wet napkin” Lindsey Graham after he smears her in debate

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Last night, Sen. Lindsey Graham held his final debate with his Democratic challenger, Jamie Harrison, who has been racing up the polls and is within striking distance of the suddenly unpopular South Carolina politician. Attempting to take a leaf out of President Trump’s “book,” Graham tried to smear Harrison as a communist and a radical, warning that Harrison would take South Carolina “down the path of AOC,” rudely referring to everyone’s favorite Congresswoman from Queens.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was quick to fire back, hitting him where it hurts the most: the flip-flopping which has tarred him as untrustworthy and spineless by both Republicans and Democrats alike:

Graham has seriously hurt his standing with the MAGA crowd for his prior disloyalty towards the president, having foolishly disparaged him after Trump trounced the 2016 GOP field and hilariously read out Graham’s phone number at a campaign event. 

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Since Trump took office, Graham has played both the part of the sycophantic lapdog while trying to keep up his pretensions at being a “pRiNciPleD RePuBlIcAn,” leading him to break with the President far more often than his base deems acceptable. In addition, he has publicly flip-flopped on several major issues, most recently on the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice during an election year. Graham even unwisely bragged that his rivals should “use his own words against him,” which they are eagerly taking him up on.

Having firmly established himself as untrustworthy and unprincipled while systematically making an enemy out of all non-Republican voters with his outrageous Trump bootlickery, Graham is right to be worried.

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Donate to Jaime Harrison’s campaign and send Graham packing! 

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