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Trump makes desperate last-minute pitch to supporters at frigid Michigan rally

Trump makes desperate last-minute pitch to supporters at frigid Michigan rally

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Donald Trump trudged off to Michigan this morning for another superspreader rally after a sleepless night spent pitching last-minute lie bombs on Twitter.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar has been diligently covering most of Trump’s public appearances this year, from his COVID task force press conferences to his political rallies, and couldn’t avoid the comparison of Trump’s desperate blitz of rabble-rousing swing state appearances in the waning days of the election to the bund rallies supporting Adolph Hitler during the ascending days of the German Nazi party.

Here’s a selection of clips from today’s gathering of frigid Trump fans in Washington, Michigan that is sure to send that state’s COVID positivity rates soaring in the days of post-election recriminations.

Trump’s rallies are usually collections of the president’s grievances packaged for easy consumption for his adoring deplorable, but he outdid himself today by adding the weather to his list of complaints.

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With only two days before the election, Trump amped up his lies and fear-mongering to new heights.

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Trump seemingly expects his audience to forget the fact that the Obama administration singlehandedly saved the American auto industry from bankruptcy after the Republican-induced 2008 financial meltdown with Joe Biden taking a leading role in managing the economic recovery that enabled Trump to brag about the momentum of that effort as being his doing.

Instead, he simply lies about the reality of Michigan’s manufacturing sector which has lost 5,300 manufacturing jobs last year, the first decline in manufacturing jobs in the state since 2009, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

It didn’t take long before Trump’s rhetorical excesses in ginning up potential violence from his followers in response to the election forced Rupar to begin his comparisons of the rally to Nazi propaganda.

Trump engaged in a recounting of another one of his imaginary conversations with world leaders that are among the most creative endeavors of his presidency in their sheer fabulism.

From this point on, the comparisons to a Nazi rally become increasingly apt, in Rupar’s view, as Trump egged the crowd on to cheers and chants.

Trump’s speeches have become a sign of the dystopian authoritarian vision that could have scarcely been imagined in this country a few short years ago.

They provide a glimpse into a potential future that we can only prevent from becoming an even worse form of our current reality by defeating Trump at the ballot box on Tuesday.

Do your part to prevent a fascist regime from controlling our nation for four more years.

Vote for Joe Biden and help shovel this president into the dustbins of history and a future as an asterisk in the history of American political experience.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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