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Trump pulls out all the stops to attack Biden in Sunday Twitter barrage

Trump pulls out all the stops to attack Biden in Sunday Twitter barrage

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Go to a superspreader rally. Leave, tweet, repeat.

That’s Donald Trump’s modus operandi on the last weekend before election day.

Whether Trump’s statements about his opponent Joe Biden — whether in his tweets or in his rally speeches — contain even a shred of truth or not matters very little at this point.

If there still any undecided voters at this point it’s likely that they are a minuscule percentage of the overall populace and will be much more unlikely to change the balance of the election than spreading lies designed to encourage the president’s already committed supporters to actually make it to the polls in an atmosphere of voter intimidation and pandemic paranoia.

Nonetheless, Trump slathered his tweets with lies and accusations against the former Vice President that only served to remind the president’s most fervent detractors of his own multiple misdeeds since he tends to accuse his opponents of exactly that which he himself is most guilty.

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Take this tweet from this afternoon and substitute Trump’s own name for Biden’s to get a true picture of reality for everyone except the Republican candidate and his followers.

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The idea that the notoriously self-serving Trump gives a whit about anyone except himself and those who could benefit him personally is laughable to anyone not blinded by the right-wing propaganda factories serving up his electoral lies undiluted by fact.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden is the most moderate of the Democrats who sought the presidential nomination this year, Trump continues to portray his agenda as that of a dangerous, God-less socialist in direct contradiction of Biden’s own words and the Democratic party platform.

Every accusation in that last tweet is an insult not only to Biden’s actual views but to the intelligence of anyone who reads it.

Parents, in particular, should know that not every child is a “Sacred Gift from God,” especially since the president himself was once a child — albeit a spoiled and privileged one — and his existence is surely more of a curse from any deity who was responsible for his creation.

Even more ludicrous was Trump’s characterization of the people who support him versus the people who have already decided to vote for Biden.

Anyone truly law-abiding simply can’t wait to see Trump stripped of his presidential immunity so he can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his numerous floutings of the laws that he seems to think don’t apply to anything that he does.

One can only wonder how gullible Trump voters must be if they swallow this truckload of intentionally false claims, misrepresentations, and outright lies.

It’s hard to fault Trump for trying to continue to mislead his voters who have invested so much of their identities into his electoral success.

He knows that prison likely awaits him if he loses this election and has nothing more to lose by committing any additional fraud at this point.

Soon, however, the forces of good in this country will regain control, and scrolling through Twitter to see Trump’s latest posted atrocity will become a faint memory of these nightmare times.

Now go vote and make sure that a happy future can truly manifest itself.

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