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Trump spends sleepless night posting partisan attacks in extraordinary Twitter rage

Trump spends sleepless night posting partisan attacks in extraordinary Twitter rage

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As the witching hour of election day draws near, Donald Trump mounted an early morning Twitter offensive today that, while presenting a brave and confident face, clearly indicated that the president is lying awake at night in sleepless concern about the record turnout in this contest so far.

He began his insomniac session at  3:26 AM with a warning shot to those conservative Republicans who may dislike Trump’s personality and performance but who have blocked their olfactory organs to tolerate the stench of corruption and incompetence because the president has reliably delivered them a bevy of extremist right-wing federal judges who will help enforce their vision of an America rooted in the disappearing values from before the middle of the 20th century.

For the vast majority of Americans for whom the COVID-19 pandemic and its related financial concerns form the most pressing issues heading their worry lists, Biden’s judicial strategy is far from the top of their minds.

It seems as if, even in the last days before the final ballot is cast, Trump can’t move beyond trying to shore up his base of right-wing ideologues and at least attempting to appeal to a wider spectrum of voters.

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It is hopefully a fatal mistake that will damn his re-election bid by limiting his appeal only to the minority who already support him, a diminishing percentage of Americans as the pandemic reaches new heights while Trump lies that the nation is “turning a corner” against the virus.

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Trump continued his self-delusion in his next post, a mischaracterization of the national and state-level polls that could be repudiated by the tiniest bit of research by anyone who reads it.

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Unless the president knows something about voter suppression plans yet to be executed, every public indication shows that it is his campaign that is headed for the chasm, not the coalition of progressive and moderate Democrats, independents, and revolted, repulsed straying Republicans that are aligned against him.

In his sleepless propaganda push, swing states weighed heavily on the president’s mind.

Trump needed to come up with something to advance his case in Michigan, a state he narrowly won in 2016 in part by making exorbitant promises about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state.

In his next post, he created a fairy tale version of his record in addressing the state’s manufacturing employment deficit that likely won’t fool anyone with direct experience of the state’s current economy.

Who can know which countries Trump is referring to when he says that they are now treating the U.S. and Michigan with respect?

It certainly isn’t our former Europea allies who have snickered behind his back at his ignorant arrogance and incompetent diplomatic efforts.

His continual lies about Michigan’s economic reality aren’t likely to change their opinion of him, especially when the truth is that manufacturing jobs over the last three years have increased in Michigan by less than 2% — half the national average and that the state lost 5,300 manufacturing jobs last year, the first decline in manufacturing jobs in the state since 2009, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Trump may have then tried to fit in a little shut-eye since he waited until nearly 5 AM to begin posting again, launching a series of false accusations against his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

He started by trying to turn the African American youth vote away from their demonstrated support for the candidate who doesn’t spend his rallies spouting racist dog whistles.

With nary a true word included in that last tweet, Trump delved even further into paranoid fear-mongering with his next post of COVID denialism, employing pandemic fatigue as a careless weapon against Biden in a move that may backfire considering the record explosion of cases — particularly in swing states — in the past week.

Trump acts as if COVID-19 needed additional help in spreading itself across the country and he is providing a new Marshall plan to aid the disease in its deadly multiplication.

A couple of hours later, Trump again demonstrated that he still thinks he’s running against Hillary Clinton when he returned with a repeat of his lie that Biden called young Black men by a term once uttered by his former opponent, but never by his current one.


The president continued to post his partisan attacks by spreading doubts about the accuracy of the polls showing him far behind his rival in the popular vote again, including this one to file in the “words to be eaten with pitiful hindsight” category.

Unless Congressman Jordan is privy to some secret polls or plans to disrupt the conduct of the election set for a record turnout, it’s difficult to see how his prediction was anything more than a Halloween whistling in the dark during the frightful leadup to election day.

With only two more days before we hopefully get the first indication of the margins that Trump will lose to Joe Biden by, the president’s last-minute attempts to turn back the political tide that will wash him and his administration out to sea are a likely futile move that will flounder in the rolling seas as he’s dragged under the crashing blue waves.

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