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Trump tries to pay tribute to Sean Connery, but makes it all about himself

Trump tries to pay tribute to Sean Connery, but makes it all about himself

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As the most prominent public example of an extreme malignant narcissist, Donald Trump rarely can make a sincere statement of empathy towards other human beings.

Trump demonstrated yet again his inordinate ability to turn any expression of sympathy or respect into ultimately a statement about himself when he attempted to pay tribute to Sean Connery, the Scottish actor who gained his initial fame as the first man to play the iconic fictional British secret agent 007, James Bond.

Trump posted a couple of tweets this morning about Connery that mostly ignored everything for which the actor was most noted and instead focused on his “tough “character” — an apparently appealing attribute to the over-compensating macho president — and Connery’s role as a life-long avid golfer, an avocation that led the renowned Scottish thespian to urge the local government in his home region of Great Britain to speed approval of Trump’s golf resorts in the area.

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Yes, it appears as if the way to worm oneself into this president’s good graces is simply to do something that he sees advancing his own financial interests.

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Forget about all the artistic achievements that gave Sean Connery the prominence and credibility to have his words be heeded by the Scottish authorities.

The only reason that Trump sees to commemorate the late actor is his role in helping the president see his golfing empire succeed and grow.

Trump’s tweet about Connery is the perfect example of Trump’s extreme self-centeredness and his malignant narcissism and should provide one more reason to reject his bid for a second term in office.

His inability to use the proper form of the past tense of the verb “to pass” alone should disqualify him from office.

With only a few days left until this election becomes history, make sure that you cast your vote for Joe Biden to ensure that empathy and consideration for others beyond one’s own financial self-interest can return to the White House.

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