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Lady Gaga hits back at Trump campaign comms director after he smears her and Biden

Lady Gaga hits back at Trump campaign comms director after he smears her and Biden

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Through consistent and charming online advocacy, pop superstar Lady Gaga has proven herself to be a true ally of American democracy this election cycle. Using her vast social media influence to reach her millions of fans, she has been aggressively advocating for everyone to vote for Joe Biden and restore some sanity to our country. Her Twitter account alone is littered with clips, often funny, of Gaga talking about the election and her enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket. Some of the tweets have racked up hundreds of thousands of likes.


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Not surprisingly, our celebrity-obsessed president has not taken kindly to Gaga’s support for his opponent. Last night, the president attacked “Sleepy Joe Biden” for campaigning with “proud member of ‘Artists Against Fracking'” Lady Gaga.

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Trump claimed that the former vice president’s association with the musical titan validates his lie that Joe Biden wants to ban fracking—as if all of Gaga’s beliefs are also Biden’s. The truth is that Biden has repeatedly stated that he does not want to ban fracking overnight, but instead wants to gradually transition towards greener energy sources to fight climate change.

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The president continues to lie about Biden’s plan because he’s desperate to alienate Biden from swing-state voters who work in fracking. At the same time, Trump refuses to admit that global climate change is an existential threat and has no plan to transition to safer energy sources. Trump is willing to let the world fall into ecological ruin if it means he might be able to squeak out an election victory. In doing so he’s putting his own narcissistic desires over the welfare of not just the American people but the entire world.

Tim Murtaugh, the Communications Director for Trump’s reelection campaign, also attacked Biden over Lady Gaga, claiming that his embrace of her support for him amounts to a “sharp stick in the eye” for Pennsylvanian fracking workers. It’s the exact kind of fact-free fearmongering that Trump’s surrogates have been employing for months and a clear indication that they know they cannot win this election by telling the truth.

Lady Gaga responded to Murtaugh shortly after, saying that she is “SO HAPPY” to “BE LIVING RENT FREE” in his head, throwing in a #BidenHarris for good measure. She included a screenshot of a Trump fundraising email about her, Biden, and fracking with “LOL” superimposed onto it as well as  “Heeey Donald…” and a joke that she doesn’t know what fracking is but that PA can keep its jobs.

In short, she treated Murtaugh’s ridiculous lie as seriously as it deserves. Be like Gaga. Vote Biden.

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