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Trump refuses to condemn his fans for ramming Biden staffer’s car, claims it is “fake”

Trump refuses to condemn his fans for ramming Biden staffer’s car, claims it is “fake”

Donald Trump’s last-minute social media strategy for this election seems to consist of posting every possible negative accusation that he can think of about his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, to his Twitter feed and see what he can get to stick with low-information voters who haven’t already been repelled by his incompetence and reputation for limitless lies.

Mostly he’s been fabricating falsehoods about Biden’s policy positions on taxes, socialism, and healthcare, but Trump opened a Pandora’s box today when he foolishly attacked his rival over his performance during the last big viral outbreak that threatened the health of Americans: the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

If you can barely recall this particular viral outbreak, it’s likely that it’s because the Obama administration responded effectively against it, as the ultimate death toll of just over 12 thousand people — compared to the current number of nearly 231 thousand COVID-19 fatalities — demonstrates.

Trump was not to be deterred, however, from depicting Joe Biden as in dangerously over his head during the swine flu outbreak in his social media propaganda, no matter how little justification there was for that characterization.

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As luck would have it, the very chief of staff who worked with Biden at the time saw Trump’s post and responded almost immediately to set the record straight and tell the president that his projections weren’t fooling anyone with half a brain and the ability to compare the resultant deaths from the contrasting pandemics.

Ouch! The truth must surely hurt.

The nice thing about statistics and objective reality is that they easily refute the logic of outright malicious propaganda.

Other social media respondents were equally appalled at Trump’s attempts to rewrite history.

Trump’s tweets at this point reek of desperation and panic as he seems willing to blurt out anything no matter how insane, erroneous, or laughable to try to turn around his flailing and failing campaign.

With no accomplishments to boast of — aside from providing an unnecessary tax cut to billionaires who needed it the least — Trump has to resort to spreading lies about Biden to try to salvage his presidency.

Don’t let the lying cheater win.

Get out and vote for the Biden/Harris ticket — and every other Democrat on your local ballot — and restore normalcy to our nation.

We’ll see who the real laughing stock is soon enough.

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