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Trump refuses to condemn his fans for ramming Biden staffer’s car, claims it is “fake”

Trump refuses to condemn his fans for ramming Biden staffer’s car, claims it is “fake”

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It was bad enough with the flotillas of boats garishly brandishing Trump banners as they clogged the nation’s waterways to display their ignorant devotion to the demonstrably worst president in U.S. history.

One could write off these nautical endeavors as fulfilling the dual duty of expressing the boat owners’ political affiliations while simultaneously showing off the objects of their conspicuous consumption as a measure of the self-worth of the vessels’ purchasers.

The seemingly coordinated attack yesterday on our nation’s transportation infrastructure — an infrastructure that Donald Trump kept vowing to address during his nearly four years in office, but a promise that he never actually got around to fulfilling as “infrastructure week” became a standing joke referencing the president’s ineffectualness — was another story entirely.

In separate incidents across the country, caravans of cars and trucks packed with flag-waving Trump supporters blocked highways and bridges across the country, in some cases attempting to disrupt early voting activities, in some misguided attempt to support the president by subverting the democratic process.

In New Jersey,  these Trump extremists blocked all the lanes in one section of the Garden State Parkway disrupting traffic with their antics.

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In the New York City suburbs,  another parade of Trump fanatics shut down one of the main Hudson River crossings, the Mario Cuomo Bridge (formerly the Tappan Zee Bridge) in a causeless protest.

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The most threatening battalion of Trump cavalry, however, appeared in Texas on Friday when a “Trump Train” of heavily decorated vehicles intercepted a caravan of Biden supporters led by an easily identifiable Biden campaign tour bus who were on their way from San Antonio to Austin as part of an effort to convince Biden supporters to cast their ballots on the state’s last day of early voting.

The situation turned dangerous and ugly when one of the vehicles in the Trump pursuit squad apparently tried to run the Biden bus off the road to prevent the Democratic campaign from being able to reach its intended destination.

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Where did this group of truly deplorables get the idea of taking such violent and aggressive moves against their political opposition?

Most likely from Donald Trump Jr. who egged the extremists on in a video posted online that appears to suggest that they directly confront the Biden supporters.

The outrage that ensued after a video of the incident was posted on social media led to the FBI making an announcement yesterday that it would be investigating the incident.

Apparently, the fine folks at the bureau didn’t bother checking with the White House before announcing their investigation, judging from. the post that showed up on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed this morning.

It seems that road rage and attempted vehicular homicide is not a crime in Donald Trump’s big book of legal measures that don’t apply to him or his followers.

Trump’s pitiful bleating and denialism only further prove exactly how dangerous he is to the American rule of law and democracy in general.

Luckily anyone with the secret Trump decoder ring — the one that turns Trump’s utterances into the truth by assuming the opposite of whatever he says — can tell that the president’s claims of the falsity of accounts of the vehicular attack mean that they are absolutely true.

Unless we rid the country of this feckless president tomorrow, divisiveness, chaos, and unrest will fester in our society.

If you haven’t already cast your ballot, you must overcome any obstacle, whether belligerent Trump trolls or disruptive “poll watchers,” to vote before the polls close tomorrow. Trump must be defeated and his minions repudiated and held accountable for their bad behavior.

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