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Trump’s final pitch to voters features weird extended discussion of his favorite TV hosts

Trump’s final pitch to voters features weird extended discussion of his favorite TV hosts

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With just a day until the election, President Trump still refuses to accept that the polls indicate he is likely to lose the White House to Joe Biden. The former vice president has managed to maintain a consistent lead on this disastrous incumbent, seemingly an indication that Americans are tired of Trump’s weak leadership and yearn for a return to some kind of political normalcy. Egomaniac that he is, Trump is incapable of processing the idea that the majority of voters in this country will be happy if they never have to hear from again after this election and so he rejects perfectly legitimate polls as “fake.”

At a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina today, Trump put these electoral delusions on full display by attacking Fox News—an outlet that has been so consistently pro-Trump that it essentially functions as state propaganda—for its “horrible” polls. In MAGA-land, it’s not important whether or not a poll is accurate, all that matters is whether or not it paints this doddering old ignoramus in a positive light. Anything that doesn’t fit the narrative that America loves Donald Trump and wants him to reign forever is dismissed out of hand.

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“The Fox polls are horrible. Every time I have a Fox poll it’s horrible. I mean I like some of the things on Fox. Certainly Sean and Laura and Tucker,” said Trump, reeling off the names of the hosts of Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, and Tucker Carlson Tonight respectively. It’s of course no accident that he chose the most sycophantic talking heads on the right-wing network. They regularly downplay the worst of Trump’s cruelty and incompetence and heap undeserved praise on him for imagined accomplishments.

For some reason, he decided to keep rambling about Fox. He complimented Fox & Friends, Harris Faulkner, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters, and Pete Hegseth before making the ludicrous claim that Fox’s coverage is 90% negative towards Trump. Per usual, this whiny president is wasting his time claiming victimhood and ignoring the very real problems facing this country. One struggles to imagine a single moderate or undecided voter listening to this weird and pointless Fox rant and being swayed to vote for this man. Hopefully, tomorrow we finally wrest our country back from his madness.

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