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AOC takes the Election Day gloves off and slams cowardly Republicans for enabling Trump

AOC takes the Election Day gloves off and slams cowardly Republicans for enabling Trump

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Donald Trump may be headed for defeat today — if the polls are correct — but the degradation of the Democratic process instigated by his attacks on mail-in ballots and his contact insinuations that the voting process will somehow be rigged against him by the “Deep State” or whatever other bogeymen he may choose to blame can’t be laid at his feet alone.

In one of the most disturbing phenomenons of the Trump era, the capitulation of nearly the entire Republican party to the whims of the deranged and corrupt president is what enabled the president to make such unsubstantiated claims of election fraud without being contradicted by those who know better and should have spoken up.

After MSNBC’s Katy Tur forwarded a comment and a link to a Politico article focusing on cowardly GOP legislators who remain publicly silent about the bad behavior of the president while bitching vociferously about Trump behind closed doors, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez felt compelled to correct the headline that both Tur and Politico attached to their story, changing just one word to make sure that the Republicans were given full credit for their spineless acquiescence to the president’s worst excesses.

In the New York City representative’s eyes, silence equals complicity and it’s not enough to simply ignore the president’s misdeeds and his undermining of the legitimate electoral process by staying quiet and trying to avoid shouldering any of the responsibility for the subsequent chaos.

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Luckily as the polls draw near to closing across the country today, complicit Republicans will get their reckoning at the ballot box.

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Let’s see how silent they stay tomorrow, particularly if they lose both the White House and control of the Senate as many polls predict could be a likely outcome due to the disastrous record and incompetent campaign of Donald Trump.

Perhaps there will be a much smaller number of the GOP minority’s congresspeople in the Ocasio-Cortez’s own chamber, the House of Representatives, when the next Congress rolls around.

If there are, AOC can tell you exactly who is to blame for their own demise.

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