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Don Jr. lambasted for posting error-riddled Trump “electoral map” of the world

Don Jr. lambasted for posting error-riddled Trump “electoral map” of the world

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After four years of hell, Election Day 2020 has finally arrived. For those of us desiring a return to a stable, powerful, and prosperous America prognostications look good coming into today. Joe Biden maintains a healthy lead in the polls, thanks in large to a President Trump who consistently failed to articulate a coherent reelection argument beyond his usual low-efforts smears and transparent fearmongering. This cruel, venial man has weakened our nation to its core and the time has finally come for us to pay him back for his myriad betrayals by booting him out of office.

Trump’s yawping minions and sycophantic surrogates are currently engaged in a display of arrogance or deep delusion, flooding the airwaves and internet with claims that the president stands poised to ride into a second term with a stunning victory. No one is as committed to this deranged idea as First Son Donald Trump Jr., a hollow little man so subsumed by his father’s larger-than-life personality that every word to come out of his mouth seems specifically engineered to glean love from a man pathologically incapable of feeling it.

One way that some Twitter users have been spending their time during the countdown to the election results is generating electoral maps that represent their best guess at which states Biden and Trump will each carry. Donald Trump Jr., ever the charmless troll, decided to join the fun by sharing a parody of the electoral map depicting the entire world rather than just the United States. Almost every territory is painted red to signify Trump except for the meaningful exclusions of New York state, California, Mexico, Cuba, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Liberia.

The one part that does make sense in this scenario is that Russia went for Trump.

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New York and California were predictably pictured as blue because they’re Democratic bastions. Mexico is blue because Trump spent much of his 2016 campaign lambasting the country and its citizens and continues to demonize the undocumented immigrants he claims are swarming across the U.S. border. It’s old fashioned racism at work.

China is blue because the Trumps want voters to believe that Biden is somehow in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party or that his son Hunter is wrapped up in corrupt business deals with the Sino-juggernaut. The irony, of course, is that Donald Trump himself has a Chinese bank account that we only recently learned about. Just as suspiciously, Ivanka Trump saw her trademark requests in China suddenly rammed through after her father won in 2016. If anyone is selling the American people out to the authoritarian Chinese state, it’s the washed-up businessman turned president who has spent his entire life engaged in crooked deals and burying himself beneath mountains of foreign debt.

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Cuba is red because Republicans still want to peddle the ridiculous idea that the Democratic Party is a Communist organization in line with the Castro regime.

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It’s unclear why India and Sri Lanka are shown as Biden supporting regions except perhaps to toss some red meat to the bigots in the MAGA base. India in particular is an odd inclusion since the country is currently run by a far-right party whose members are broadly sympathetic towards Trump.

And then why is Liberia red? Apparently, because the alt-right troll account that Donald Jr. cribbed the map from thinks that “Liberia” sounds like it’s full of “liberals.” Yes, these are the towering intellects showing up in droves to vote for President Trump.

It’s worth noting that Israel seems to be completely excised from the map, an odd choice coming from a man whose father claims to be the world’s biggest supporter of that nation. The explanation is obvious though. The digital fever swamp of alt-right memes that the First Son dredged this image up from is swarming with anti-Semites, people who would love nothing more than to see the Jewish state eradicated. It’s possible Don Jr. simply didn’t notice, but with these people it’s always difficult to tell where malice ends and idiocy begins.

Indian Hindu-nationalists made sure to make their anger over Donald Jr.’s tweet known, with many of them incensed that he had erased Indian territorial claims.

Other Twitter users were content to simply mock the First Son.

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