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Chaos erupts as Republican goons try to break into and disrupt the Michigan vote count

Chaos erupts as Republican goons try to break into and disrupt the Michigan vote count

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The winner of the presidential election has yet to be declared but right now signs look good for a Joe Biden victory. The former vice president appears to be on track to win Michigan which would give him a big electoral bump towards the coveted 270 and represent a major step towards declaring him the winner.

Meanwhile, Trump and his surrogates are scrambling to delegitimize the process by working to stop the ballot counting and spreading wild conspiracy theories about the vote. The president’s team has already announced a lawsuit to stop the counting in Michigan, making it abundantly clear that the Republicans care far more about clinging to power than they do about respecting the democratic will of the American people.

As a result of Trump’s rhetoric and the senseless fervor that has infected his MAGA movement, things are heating up on the ground in The Wolverine State. Numerous reports are hitting Twitter showing Trump fans showing up at the ballot counting center in Detroit in an effort to disrupt the process.

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The Detroit News reports that both additional Republican and Democrat challengers have been blocked from entering the building since both parties have already hit their maximum of 134 challengers for the vote center. Republicans seem unwilling to accept this reality and are growing more agitated as they demand entry. To many, the efforts are eerily similar to the so-called Brooks Brothers Riot in 2000, during which Republican operatives disrupted the Florida recount on behalf of George W. Bush.

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Video clips confirm that police have been deployed to safeguard the vote but the protestors appear undeterred.

Some of these Trump supporters made no attempt to hide their intentions and began chanting “stop the count,” as if their displeasure over the electoral outcome is justification for invalidating the legitimate votes of other Michiganders. There is no charitable way to interpret what these people are doing. This is a direct assault on democracy itself, one cultivated and encouraged by a president who knows he is likely to lose this election. Hopefully, their authoritarian efforts are held at bay and a full tally is completed.

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