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Trump hounded with mockery for trying to “hereby claim” Michigan after CNN calls it for Biden

Trump hounded with mockery for trying to “hereby claim” Michigan after CNN calls it for Biden

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CNN has declared Michigan for Biden, pushing his electoral count to 253 and bringing him within reach of the needed 270. If Nevada and Arizona go for the former vice president like it seems they will, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. Unsurprisingly, Trump is taking his looming likely defeat poorly.

Minions of the president are already trying to contest the results in Michigan and Wisconsin and Trump himself has been ranting on Twitter all day long, spewing conspiracy theories and victimhood narratives in keeping with what many of us expected from him.

Luckily for us, it doesn’t matter what Trump says. The president can whine and moan all he wants, if the votes tilt the electoral college towards Biden it’s over. Full stop. That simple reality won’t stop Trump from being Trump though, which means we can expect a steady river of misinformation and bizarre claims from him in the coming days.

Trump tweeted that he has “claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes” Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. He also claimed that Pennsylvania will not allow observers, a blatant attempt to sow distrust in the final count. He went on to “hereby claim” Michigan, a frankly hilarious turn of phrase that his addled mind must think sounds official and convincing. Trump can “hereby claim” anything he wants, the rest of us don’t have to live in his delusional little world.

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The president also claimed, without evidence and without truth, that a “large number” of ballots were “secretly dumped.” Twitter ended up flagging the tweets, noting in the first that states he claimed victory in have not been called and tagging the second tweet as possibly misleading.

All these tweets really show is that Trump thinks he’s going to lose the election. Let him thrash about online and picture what life will look like when he’s gone in a few months.

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Twitter users were quick to mock the president.

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