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Trump team baselessly declares “victory” in PA, sues to stop vote count in naked power grab

Trump team baselessly declares “victory” in PA, sues to stop vote count in naked power grab

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In an extraordinarily petty and childish attempt to disrupt the election, President Donald Trump’s team has unilaterally declared “victory” in the must-win state of Pennsylvania while claiming to file a lawsuit to stop the counting of mail-in ballots immediately.

Like a toddler claiming that the game is over now that he’s head, the President and his team are simply going to try to bully their way into stealing a victory and hope that their lawsuits will somehow carry them over the finish line. But seeing as he is currently suing to demand a recount in the state of Wisconsin, where his margin of defeat is likely too large to meet the legal requirements for a recount at the exact same time, it’s hard to see how any judge, even a Trump-nominated one, could take his argument seriously.

Trump campaign spokesman Bill Stepien claimed they were making that declaration based on “math,” but if you look at the facts, it’s clearly the “math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better,” as Megyn Kelly infamously quipped to Karl Rove during the 2012 elections.

Even though by this point we are all painfully numb to Donald Trump’s undemocratic antics, it cannot be understated how cowardly and duplicitous this little stunt really is. It is a direct threat to our democracy that will accomplish nothing but highlight how little respect that Trump and the Republican political machine have for our democratic process.

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Obsessed with retaining power simply for the sake of it — it’s not like Trump has worked hard to implement any kind of ideological agenda beyond tax cuts and cruelty to immigrants — he is once again proving, hopefully for the last time, how monstrously unqualified he is to hold the presidency. It’s up to us to make sure that the election plays out the way its supposed to and that the rule of law is once again restored to the White House.

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