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Trump whines about losing Pennsylvania two hours after he claimed he won the state

Trump whines about losing Pennsylvania two hours after he claimed he won the state

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Sure, it’s a confusing time with claims and counter-claims about yesterday’s elections being shot off the sides of the political parties’ campaign warships faster than any automatic weapon could fire them.

Determining what to believe might be difficult, until, that is, you realize that one of the two parties in the battle is headed by Donald Trump whose lips have never uttered anything remotely resembling the truth.

Here is a man who can’t even get his story straight from one hour to the next.

A man who is so panicked and covered with flop-sweat that it’s amazing that he can see with all the water pouring from his forehead down into his eyes (metaphorically, of course,  for the benefit of you over-zealous fact-checkers).

A man who just an hour ago made a regrettable false and overreaching claim of victory in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — conveniently clarified as being “for electoral vote purposes” — as well as in Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan, despite the fact that none of those states having officially finished counting their ballots and certifying the results.

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Now, Donald Trump — having selected that fine example of probity and sober living, Rudy Giuliani, to head up his legal team in order to sue the Pennsylvania Election Board into submission — is complaining that a lack of “meaningful access” by his self-deputized “poll watchers” is damaging public faith in the integrity of the United States’ election system.

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He expressed his displeasure in the usual manner, through his Twitter feed.

Add your name to states not to cave Trump. COUNT EVERY VOTE!

Well if Trump is open for discussion, perhaps he should contemplate his own role in demolishing the integrity of the elections with his constant spewing of lies and misinformation throughout the campaign, particularly his ludicrous and incoherent demonization of the mail-in balloting process that was so transparently an effort to suppress the vote from Democrats who actually have enough brains to chose perfectly legal mail-in voting as their preferred method of exercising their franchise in the midst of an ever-worsening pandemic.

Trump’s sudden turnabout in attacking the results of a contest that he claimed victory in earlier in the afternoon led to much derision on social media,

Oddly, there were few signs of MAGA fans dwelling amongst the replies to this tweet.

Perhaps they are all busy making unwarranted attacks on state election offices trying to “observe” the counting of mail-in ballots.

Let’s face it. No one expected Donald Trump to leave quietly in dignified defeat.

We just never knew how low he would go to embarrass himself in the process as he stamps his feet and cries “Not fair!!!”

Once a slimy weasel, always a slimy weasel.

Better keep an eye on him until he’s permanently removed and can’t destroy the White House on his way out.

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