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Fox reporter brings up specter of stolen George W. Bush election to cast doubt on Biden win

Fox reporter brings up specter of stolen George W. Bush election to cast doubt on Biden win

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If the current vote counting trends continue in the still-undeclared battleground states, we will soon be rid of President Trump. After four years of his disastrous, deadly leadership the American people stand poised to restore sanity to the White House and hold those responsible accountable for the cruelties they’ve inflicted on so many. As this reality has gradually sunk in for Trump and his enablers, we’ve seen them resort to the same kind of blatant misinformation and victim narratives they’ve been displaying since Inauguration Day 2017.

Republicans are spreading all manner of rumors, conspiracy theories, and voter fraud allegations in a desperate bid to delegitimize the election and give Trump some kind of legal wiggle room to contest the election. There is absolutely zero evidence for any of their paranoid claims and it’s likely many of the conservatives spreading them are aware they’re false and simply don’t care about the truth. What we’re witnessing is a cynical, calculated effort to destabilize the country’s faith in its electoral process. It’s a transparent power grab which, even though it seems doomed to fail, could inflict long-lasting damage on our institutions.

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The misinformation is not relegated simply to online spaces like Facebook and Twitter and Fox News is now muddying the waters. Today, Fox’s John Roberts alluded to possible voting “irregularities” and stated that “there is no question” that something is “going on” that makes the infamously contentious Florida recount in 2000 with its “hanging and dimpled chads and all of that look pale in comparison.” Tellingly, Roberts failed to explain what exactly he finds suspicious about the counting process this year, relying on murky innuendo instead.

It was a reckless statement from Roberts because there is zero evidence that anything is amiss with the vote this year (other than the Republican efforts to suppress it). Furthermore, this year is nothing like Florida in 2000 when George W. Bush ended up stealing the election from Al Gore by blocking the counting of votes that would have tipped the election towards the Democrats. Biden is cruising towards a clear, inarguable victory right now and journalists like Roberts would serve us all better if they refrained from baseless speculation.

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