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GOP operative filmed wandering alone after threatening to bring “team” to Philly to help Trump

GOP operative filmed wandering alone after threatening to bring “team” to Philly to help Trump

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From the White House down, Republicans are growing increasingly frantic about the election. We’re still counting the votes in several key states but at this point it seems likely that Joe Biden will be announced president-elect sometime today. President Trump has predictably been throwing sporadic fits about such an outcome, alleging all manner of voter fraud and improprieties. He’s even tried to desperately “hereby claim” states that he lost, a strategy that succeeded in netting him nothing but widespread mockery.

Those with a vested interest in another Trump term are resorting to flailing about in vain, unable to accept the inevitable. Harlan Hill—a Republican operative who was dropped by Fox News as a frequent guest after he referred to vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris as an “insufferable lying b*tch” on Twitter—went viral last night after he tweeted out his intention to visit Philadelphia with a “team” because he said: “This is war.”‘

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Social media users quickly dogpiled Hill, who has cultivated an attitude for being a generally crude and nasty individual who likes to present himself as an internet tough guy. In reality, he’s an absurd, physically unintimidating goof with a fondness for bowties and the appearance of an overgrown schoolboy. True to form, Hill didn’t take the deluge of jokes at his expense particularly well and lashed out at a reporter, calling her a “c*nt.”

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One Philadelphia Twitter user managed to spot Hill walking through the city today and approached him.

“Yo bro, where’s your army at?” the user asked mockingly. “Yo bro!” he repeated, audibly trying to stifle a laugh. Hill eventually turned around to face the man. Rather than displaying the bravado he likes to manufacture on Twitter, Hill seemed docile, even nervous. When asked where his army was, Hill replied in a small voice that he was going to have a “big group.”

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Hill then apparently tried to fistbump the man recording, who said “nah” and stepped back. The clip ends with Hill asking him who he’s “with.”

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