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Greta Thunberg gets the last laugh in her feud with Trump by dancing on his political grave

Greta Thunberg gets the last laugh in her feud with Trump by dancing on his political grave

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With Trump now on the verge of being defeated by Joe Biden and hurled from the White House like a sack of festering garbage, expect the countless people and communities he has wronged over the past four years to emerge and dance on his political grave. First in line appears to be teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg has become a favorite target of right-wingers who either refuse to accept that climate change is an existential threat or who recognize it as such but lie about it in service of the fossil fuel companies. The president and his family have feuded with her in the past, oblivious to how truly pathetic it is for the most powerful man in the world to go to the rhetorical mat with a child, especially since Thunberg ended up besting him.

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Last January, President Trump whined when Thunberg was named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, calling the decision “ridiculous.” In an incredibly petty tweet for a man of his advanced age, he told her to work on her “Anger Management problem” and suggested she go to a “good old fashioned movie with a friend.” ”

Chill Greta, Chill!” added the man infamous for his frequent public meltdowns. Thunberg responded by trolling the president in her Twitter bio and the back-and-forth eventually died down.

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Now with his electoral defeat all-but-certain, Thunberg has popped up to rub it in the president’s face. She quote-tweeted his caps lock demand to stop the vote count and repeated word for word his tweet about anger management and chilling. It was a simple yet perfect form of revenge and this time—given his petulant demeanor and fallen state—it seems unlikely that Trump will have the stomach to fight back. Expect her to get the last word, now and forever. President Trump will slink off into the night and Thunberg will continue to fight for the survival of mankind.

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