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McConnell announces he will obstruct Biden nominees — but Trump gives Biden a workaround

McConnell announces he will obstruct Biden nominees — but Trump gives Biden a workaround

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It never ends.

The election hasn’t even been officially decided yet and already Mitch McConnell has announced plans to obstruct our likely President Joe Biden’s cabinet picks in order to force more conservatives into the White House itself.

While Donald Trump is likely on his way out of office, the rest of the election was absolutely disastrous for Democrats. Despite shoveling over a billion dollars into the pockets of the bloodsucking consultant caste and advertising companies, the Democratic Party has just one net Senate seat and several fewer House seats to show for it, which means that for the fifth time in over a decade, McConnell will emerge from another election as the Senate Majority Leader and is already chomping at the bit to bring Biden’s entire agenda to a screeching halt.

A source close to McConnell told Axios that Democrats should be prepared for “armed camps” and that they would be willing to work with the Biden team to appoint “centrists,” while any “radical progressives” would be blocked.

The need for a liberal team that will spend aggressively on public welfare has never been direr. Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein warned ominously that a “dark winter” is approaching the United States as millions of Americans are set to lose their extra unemployment benefits, student loan and renter protections set to end, and a huge proportion of the hospitality and service industry on the verge of collapsing.

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Mitch McConnell has already made it painfully clear over the past few months that he has every intention of letting state governments go bankrupt and lay off thousands of workers in a monstrous attempt to force the Democrats to shoulder the blame for the Trump administration’s disastrous mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession.

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Even in the weeks leading up to the election, McConnell refused to lift a finger to help the American people, infuriatingly crying “fiscal responsibility” after he and Trump’s tax cuts blew a trillion-dollar hole in the national deficit. Now that the election is over, McConnell has said that he says a coronavirus stimulus is back on the table — but given that he was only willing to spend a meager $500 billion during the most recent negotiations, there’s no reason to think he would be any more generous this time around.

He certainly won’t be willing to confirm anyone who he believes will argue in increasing federal spending or doing anything that doesn’t directly benefit the wealthy.

But there is a catch. President Trump has put forward so many unqualified candidates that he largely stopped bothering to have the Senate confirm them to their positions. One in every nine Senate-confirmed government positions have had an “Acting” official filling the role, some for years on end.

Thanks to that precedent, there’s nothing stopping Joe Biden from simply filling those cabinet posts with whoever the hell he wants, if he has the political will and determination to do so. Since he’s already announced that he’s going to be a one-term president, there isn’t even the threat of re-election backlash to worry about.

If Biden does end up winning — which it very much looks like he might — there is an opportunity here for him to be the most consequential president in American history, but only if he treats the Republican Party the exact same way that they treat us.

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