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Trump exposes his desperation with all-caps primal scream of election anguish on Twitter

Trump exposes his desperation with all-caps primal scream of election anguish on Twitter

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As the vote tallies continue to roll in and things look ever bleaker for President Donald Trump, he has resorted to simply demanding an end to the democratic process — which he did on Thursday morning in a feral cry of anguish and rage:

The succinct and substanceless demand is the modern political version of that scene from The Office where Michael Scott simply yells “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY;” even the Associated Press snarkily remarked that “Trump’s public comments have no impact on the tallying of votes across the country.”

But bereft of anything else to do, Trump will do what he always does: tweet his primal screams into the digital void.

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While on the one hand, it is deeply disturbing to see the president attempt to interfere with the democratic process so openly, the lazy and ham-fisted way he’s going about it is so pathetic that you can tell he’s just going through the motions and perhaps, secretly, is welcoming a chance to be free from the stress of presidency and its constant interruptions to his golf and television agenda.

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The people of Twitter, most of whom have been waiting four long years for this moment, immediately erupted in mockery and pummeled the president with over 115,000 replies in less than an hour.

One of the most amusing bits was the joke that Donald Trump was actually referring to Count Von Count from Sesame Street:

While the rest were just plain funny:

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