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Don Jr. melts down and desperately tries to cope on Twitter after 2020 race is called for Joe Biden

Don Jr. melts down and desperately tries to cope on Twitter after 2020 race is called for Joe Biden

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Our national nightmare is over.

With his all-but-certain victory in Pennsylvania, former Vice-President Joe Biden will now become President Joe Biden and send the Trump family packing. While the task of bringing this country out of the abyss of insanity and disease that Donald Trump left it in only begins now, we definitely deserve to savor this well-deserved and hard-fought victory — and do a little appropriate gloating at the most insufferable people in the country.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. is not taking the news well. The “author” of the book “Triggered” was decidedly so on Friday morning, taking to Twitter for a public meltdown that would make his father proud — if, of course, his father wasn’t a sociopathic narcissist who despises his fail-kids and sees their desperate desires for his approval as pitiful weakness.

“Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden shattered Obama’s historic 2008 numbers?” demanded a frantic Don Jr. “C’mon man!!!” 

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Sorry, Junior, it is extremely believable that after 230,000 deaths, a trashed economy, and four straight years of horrific atrocities, naked corruption, and stunning mismanagement that the United States would turn out in huge numbers to vote him out.

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Perhaps Donald Trump’s decision to spend the past year trashing Democratic-run big cities as crime-ridden hellholes was not the smartest of political moves!

While Donnie J and his idiot brother will doubtlessly spend the next few days concocting all kinds of voter fraud conspiracies in a desperate attempt to cope with their historic defeat, we can and should take glee in their weeping and moaning, as they did with abject cruelty and derision on that awful morning four years ago. With any luck, the Trump family will have some serious legal troubles in the near future to compound their humiliating defeat.

Social media immediately tore into him, barraging his tweet with 30,000 replies in less than an hour:



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