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MAGA Tears: Trump fans are hysterical and trying to cope with his imminent defeat

MAGA Tears: Trump fans are hysterical and trying to cope with his imminent defeat

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After four seemingly interminable years of Republicans screaming “ARE YOU TRIGGERED?” and doing everything they can to “own the libs” by flashing pictures of credibly accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh at us and chanting slogans about “two scoops two terms,” it’s finally our turn to laugh and gloat as they melt down and completely lose their minds as they try to grapple with the new reality that they must finally live in.

And folks, the cope is real. We’re talking penthouse suites at the cope-a-cabana. Extra-strength copium pipes. International cruises around the Cape of Good Cope. Dear Martha letters to Cope Kicks.

CW: some of the following posts may contain foul language and may cause loss of sanity points

Grabbing the headlines are the women who prostrated themselves outside the Clark County Election Department and literally prayed for some daemonic entity to intervene on Trump’s behalf:

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Trump supporters across the country are holding protests to either stop the vote count or recount the votes, depending on the location — some of them even in the bluest of states where they don’t have a prayer of being overturned, wasting their time out of desperation and grief.

The president’s most loyal cartoonist, the banned-from-the-White-House for anti-Semitism Ben Garrison produced his most delusional piece yet, featuring an outrageously buffy Trump using “lawsuits” to win the election.

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Of course, in real life, Trump’s lawsuits and the bumbling morons he sent to file them were laughed out of court.

Many can’t seem to come to terms with reality:

In a case of poetic justice, Trumpers grew wildly angry at Libertarian third-party candidate Jo Jorgensen and her supporters for taking votes away from Trump in key areas:

The Trumpers who put irresponsible amounts of money where their mouth is via gambling were understandably very upset at the results.

Add your name to states not to cave Trump. COUNT EVERY VOTE!

Some Republicans felt the need to blame FOX News and former House Speaker and Koch puppet Paul Ryan for some sort of “betrayal.”

A FOX host tried to find literally anything else that Trump was beating Biden in:

One 4chan user decided to use the opportunity to embrace their true selves:


While the most deluded and fanatical MAGA fans are performing Olympic-level feats of mental gymnastics to try to talk themselves into believing that actually, it is Good that Trump lost and this is all part of a greater plan…

…but unfortunately for those who have become devotees of the QAnon movement, whoever has been posting the Q drops on 8chan has suddenly gone silent, throwing thousands of people into confused turmoil.

Is it immature to revel in the anguish of our political rivals? Perhaps, but after four years of them yelling “f*ck your feelings” and taking glee in the monstrous atrocities that Trump and his goons inflicted on tens of thousands of innocent migrants at the border, all the thousands of civilians who died under Trump’s indiscriminate bombings, the demonization of Muslims and other minorities and the countless hate crimes they provoked, and all the other endless injustices and crimes that Trump and his fans put our nation through, I think we’ve earned it.

It feels good to win again, damn it!

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