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Trump desperately tries to convince supporters he can still win with military votes

Trump desperately tries to convince supporters he can still win with military votes

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Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. When all the votes are fully counted it looks like he will carry Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona with a popular vote lead of perhaps 7 million Americans. As expected, MAGA-world is imploding as the delusional followers of soon-to-be-former President Trump scramble to construct a scenario in which he somehow manages to hang onto the White House.

Trump himself is proving completely unable to accept defeat graciously and is instead claiming in vain that he actually won the election. Without a shred of evidence, he is insisting that there was widespread voter fraud and that the Democrats are attempting to steal the presidency. The pathetic claims represent nothing less than the last dying gasps of the Trump administration but just because they’re incapable of changing the outcome of this election doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.

Trump will soon be gone, but he’s determined to inflict as much damage to our Republic as possible on the way out. Cowardly Republicans in Congress are boosting the president’ss conspiracy theories and a nonsignificant portion of the American public could have their faith in our democracy irreparably damaged by their lies. Even in defeat, this man manages to hurt his country.

That said, eventually the GOP will be forced to accept Biden’s win due to sheer inertia. His lead over Trump is widening by the second and even if through some incredible fluke Trump manages to claw back one of the states he’s losing to Biden, the former vice president will still have more than enough electoral votes to declare victory. As that inevitability looms, expect Trump to resort to increasingly pathetic rhetoric.

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In a tweet dripping in resignation, Trump asked where the “missing military ballots” from Georgia are. “What happened to them?” he wrote.

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What happened is that they haven’t been fully counted yet, but they will. Despite the president’s efforts to “stop the count,” every vote will be tabulated. And if those military ballots somehow push him over the top in Georgia, the state will go red. Democrats won’t “steal it.” But it also won’t be enough. Even with Georgia in his pocket, Trump lost. Because he’s a loser.

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