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Trump still refuses to concede, whines that Biden must not “wrongfully claim” the presidency

Trump still refuses to concede, whines that Biden must not “wrongfully claim” the presidency

While the major networks are still holding off on calling it, it’s now undeniable that Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. Counting will continue until every single ballot is tallied and in the end it looks likely that the former vice president could rack up a total of 306 electoral votes, a resounding victory especially against an incumbent president.

Petulant manchild that he is, Donald Trump is refusing to accept defeat. Instead, he’s insisting that mass voter fraud has somehow robbed him of his rightful reelection, a baseless conspiracy theory that represents nothing but deluded wishful thinking on his part. Republicans in Congress are recklessly amplifying the dangerous rhetoric, whipping the GOP base into a fervor that could spill over into violence if the situation isn’t soon defused.

Through it all, Trump continues to tweet, a geriatric internet troll to the very end. As the sun set on the week that saw him deposed from the presidency, he tweeted that Biden “should not wrongfully claim the office of the President.” It’s a laughably hypocritical message from a man who “hereby” claimed victory in states that he lost by huge margins.

He went on to insist that “legal proceedings” might keep him in power, this despite the fact that most of his legal attempts to disrupt the election have been laughed out of court. No amount of lawyering is going to save him at this point.

Add your name to states not to cave Trump. COUNT EVERY VOTE!

In a follow-up tweet, he again alluded to some kind of magical “legal proceedings” and questioned how it could possibly be that he had an early lead in some states only for them to “miraculously disappear.” The answer, of course, is that mail-in ballots were counted later and heavily leaned Democrat because the president spent the past few months attacking the very idea of mail-in voting and urging his supporters to vote in person on Election Day.

He made the bed, now he has to lie in it. Oh, and that bed? Soon it will no longer be in the Executive Residence of the White House. Sorry Donny.


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