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Trump tweet taunting Hillary’s dignified election defeat comes back to haunt him

Trump tweet taunting Hillary’s dignified election defeat comes back to haunt him

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It’s over. After four torturous years, it’s finally over. While most news outlets are holding off a bit longer before calling it, it’s now undeniable that Joe Biden will become the President-Elect of the United States of American and Donald Trump will be a one-term president. Biden flipped Pennsylvania, has pulled ahead in Georgia, and is likely going to capture Nevada and Arizona as well.

In his moment of defeat, Trump is demonstrating the lack of grace that has defined his entire life. He insists without any basis in fact that the election is being stolen from him through voter fraud. Rather than accept the reality that this country has rejected him, he’s casting doubt on our electoral process, once again inflicting lasting damage on this nation’s most important institutions. It’s as pathetic as it is dangerous and history will remember him as a flailing sore loser in this moment.

The MAGA voters are taking a cue from Trump and ridiculously claiming that their glorious leader did in fact win. The same people who for years have screamed “facts don’t care about your feelings” to liberals and taunted the rest of us with shirts saying “Trump’s Your President” are now falling to pieces like a bunch of spoiled children.

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As has happened countless times since his Inauguration Day, one of his old tweets is now coming back to bite Trump in his whiny ass. In 2016, after he defeated Hillary Clinton—a victory he secured at least in some part due to Russian interference and misinformation—Trump tweeted out that Russian President Vladimir Putin believed Clinton’s behavior post-election to be “humiliating” and that a person “must be able to lose with dignity.” Trump remarked that this observation was “So true!”

The incredible irony need not be pointed out, but it’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton conceded and Trump is unlikely to do so. This monstrous, cruel, loser of a man will slink off into the night with his tail behind his legs. Good riddance.

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