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Rudy Giuliani throws a fit at reporter when she tells him Biden won

Rudy Giuliani throws a fit at reporter when she tells him Biden won

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Folks, we are very proud and excited to present to you the very moment that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is told that Trump has lost the election.

Giuliani has become one of Trump’s most fanatical supporters, having spent the past year and a half working with contacts in Ukraine and other shadowy figures to try to drum up smears and concoct conspiracy theories against Joe Biden and his family, but only succeeded in showing the world that Joe Biden loves his troubled and well-endowed son Hunter Biden.

When reporters in the crowd told Rudy that the President had lost, Giuliani couldn’t believe it.

They don’t decide the election! The call for Joe Biden…who was it called by? All of the networks? WOOOOOW. All the networks? We have to forget about the law! Judges don’t count! All the networks, all the networks…thought Joe Biden was gonna win by 10%. Don’t be ridiculous. Networks don’t get to decide the outcome of the election!”

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Hate to break it to you Ruders, but no judge in the nation is going to go along with the Trump team’s bumbling and confused attempts to sue their way to the presidency. It’s over! You lost! No “October Surprise” this time! Hope you enjoy the next four years of griping on OANN with your hand down your pants, Rudy!

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