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Trump campaign communications head posts and deletes phony election results headline

Trump campaign communications head posts and deletes phony election results headline

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The fragile and now severely damaged ego of Donald Trump is still being protected by his solicitous minions from the travails of reality.

The lengths to which his campaign staff are willing to go to help feed the defeated president’s delusions that he somehow did not lose the election by nearly five million votes was demonstrated today when Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director, posted a since-deleted tweet that he likely hoped would reinforce Trump’s claims that he really did win the election when you eliminate the supposedly “illegal” ballots.

While Murtaugh may have been hoping to generate a classic “Dewey defeats Truman” moment illustrating a disastrously presumptive prediction of victory for a candidate that ultimately ended up a loser, the only electoral fraudulence in sight on the day after major media outlets finally called the election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden was the photoshopped headline that he failed to pass off as genuine when The Washington Times outed his deceptive intent.

CNN‘s Bill Weir kindly provided a copy of the original newspaper with the undoctored headline and photo, a move that along with The Washington Times’ own rebuke likely forced Murtaugh to delete his manipulative post from Twitter, if not from the walls of the Trump campaign headquarters.

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It was soon discovered that Murtaugh and his staff didn’t even have the skills to photoshop the newspaper headline on their own, having instead stolen it from a website dedicated to speculating on fictional alternative versions of history containing the fantasies of what might have been had reality not intervened.

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Twitter exploded with derision at the Trump campaign’s incompetent attempt to rewrite history.


Sooner or later, someone in the Trump camp will realize that these types of futile efforts at turning the perception of the election results upside down are merely embarrassing and demoralizingly clumsy as people dance in the streets and celebrate the ouster of a president disavowed by a large majority of Americans.

No one except the president’s dimmest of supporters are falling for the lies, and Trump’s ego will simply have to withstand the relentless assault by the reality of his loss.

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