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Insiders reveal how White House staff is responding to Trump’s coping mechanisms

Insiders reveal how White House staff is responding to Trump’s coping mechanisms

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A sore loser to the very end, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede the race to President-Elect Joe Biden. When the vote-counting is completely finished it looks likely that Biden will capture a total of 306 electoral votes and at this point, there is absolutely nothing Trump can do to win. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether or not Trump has the mental strength to accept defeat. If he refuses to leave the White House after Inauguration Day the Secret Service will escort him out like any other private citizen.

One can imagine how insufferable Trump must be to be around right now. The Daily Mail reports that sources inside the administration revealed Trump will not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. The soon-to-be-former president says that his triumphant opponent is a “phony president.” He is insisting that there was a mass voter fraud conspiracy to steal a rightful victory away from him. Not surprisingly, he has so far refused to write a concession speech.

“His sons and closest aides have been egging him on while no one else dares raise the delicate matter that he has lost and needs to consider life post-presidency. In his mind, he never looked past election day because he is superstitious and he thought it was bad luck,” said one White House source.

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Sources further described the White House right now as filled with “manic, exuberant, energized and toxic.” Apparently, the president is drowning his sorrows in fast food and the smell has reached a point where some officials have taken to lighting scented candles to cover up the odor and brighten the grim mood in the building.

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“The President is crazy like a fox. People mock him but he’s someone who prepares well in advance and he has spent months setting up the scenario that mail-in votes are somehow fraudulent,” one source told The Daily Mail. Unfortunately for Trump, his public smearing of mail-in voting has no effect on the ballots themselves. He lost and sooner or late he’ll be forced to accept that. The American people have spoken.

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