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Trump unleashes pathetic tweetstorm trying to convince followers he can still win

Trump unleashes pathetic tweetstorm trying to convince followers he can still win

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President Trump is still clinging to his delusional claim that he actually beat President-elect Joe Biden despite the fact that the latter’s electoral count continues to rise and looks likely to hit 306 when all the ballots are tallied.

Rather than accept the will of the American people Trump has decided to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election, making it clear that he will always put his own interests over the health and safety of our democracy. There is no telling how much long-term damage he has inflicted and continues to inflict on our Republic with his paranoid lies.

The Republican Party, shameless organization that it is, has failed to condemn the president’s fraud claims, with many elected GOP officials lending their support to the president’s misinformation. They’re scared of Trump, scared of angering his base, and ultimately they care about their own political careers more than anything else. It’s important to recognize men like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the moral cowards they are.

Buoyed in some part by the support he’s receiving from some of his obsequious lackeys, Trump ripped off a series of tweets today alleging voter fraud in multiple states. He baselessly claimed Nevada has become a “cesspool of Fake Votes” and that Republican hatchetmen Mark Schlapp and Adam Laxalt are uncovering “things” that will prove to be “absolutely shocking.” He provided no evidence or details for the claim and Twitter made the correct decision to label the tweet in red as “disputed.”

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Trump insisted that Wisconsin is “looking very good” for him, even though Biden won the state by roughly 20,000 votes. He then went on to lie in another tweet, claiming that his surrogates were blocked from observing the vote in Pennsylvania which he called “unthinkable and illegal.” Twitter tagged the tweet as “disputed” as well although they could have just as easily tagged it as “patently false.” Observers were allowed in and Trump knows that. In fact, his own lawyers have already admitted as much in court.

The tweeting spree ended with Trump saying that Georgia will be a “big presidential win,” even though it looks like Biden will carry the state. Furthermore, even if Trump did manage to capture it Biden would still have enough electoral votes to be declared the winner. At this point, there is simply no way that Donald Trump sees a second term in the White House. Biden has bested him and he can either accept that or slink off as the biggest sore loser in American history.

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