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President-elect Biden chuckles at Trump administration’s attempts to evade their grim reality

President-elect Biden chuckles at Trump administration’s attempts to evade their grim reality

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One has to credit President-elect Joe Biden with an extraordinary amount of patience and good humor when faced with the infantile refusal of Donald Trump and his petrified gang of sycophantic minions to recognize their defeat at the polls.

Biden was asked his response this afternoon after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to a question at a press conference this morning about whether he would begin cooperating with the incoming administration’s transition team and replied instead that “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.

Faced with the disturbing and malevolent partisan gamesmanship of the man entrusted with our nation’s diplomacy — at least for the next 10 weeks anyway — the newly-elected incoming leader replied with a mixture of bemusement and chuckling disbelief, laughing and repeating the phrase “Secretary of State Pompeo” as if the very thought of such responsibility residing in this particular man was as absurd and ludicrous as the ascendency of the vile opponent whom Biden crushed at the polls to the presidency.

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Biden’s calm and measured assessment of the Trump administration’s desperate flailings as embarrassing for the current president and imminently laughable — as the truth of their defeat wends its way through the denial and anger stages to reach its last three steps of bargaining, depression, and acceptance — is sure to infuriate Donald Trump, whose narcissistic personality disorder reacts so badly to humiliation and ridicule.

As the nation awaits the acceptance stage to finally manifest itself, we can expect the bargaining stage to begin shortly.

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Just as Trump is using his phony protestations of a stolen election to keep his fundraising machine alive to continue to rake in the dough to pay off his campaign debt, many people speculate that he is likely to try to extract an unconditional pardon for the many federal offenses that he is likely to face once his presidential immunity expires in exchange for a concession statement and the beginning of any full transition privileges to be allowed.

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As Donald Trump stews in his own juices, Joe Biden chuckles over the behavior of he and his surrogates as if they were simply misbehaving children who will eventually grow up and straighten out.

Biden may be underestimating the core rottenness of his defeated opponents.

Rather than dismiss their antics as the expected behavior of immature and incapable children, Biden should treat them as irredeemable juvenile delinquents who need a long stay in reform school before being allowed to mingle once again with the general populace.

As the winner, it’s easy for Biden to laugh at this point. The rest of us are still smoldering from the last four years and are not the least bit amused.

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