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Chuck Grassley weirdly tries to spell out loud during Senate hearing and completely faceplants

Chuck Grassley weirdly tries to spell out loud during Senate hearing and completely faceplants

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Over the past few days, the Republican Party has confirmed what many of us have come to expect over the past several years: the conservative movement in this country simply does not care about democracy.

Joe Biden won the election against Donald Trump and is now our President-Elect and yet GOP officials continue to lend their support to Trump’s completely false claim that he in fact won the election and that mass voter fraud has been engineered to steal the White House from him.

Predictably, the soon-to-be-former president has failed to provide so much as a scrap of evidence for his outrageous allegations. The Republicans falling in line behind him know that he doesn’t have any proof but they’d rather undermine our Republic by casting doubt on the election’s legitimacy than anger the president’s increasingly unhinged base. We are witnessing nothing less than a campaign—albeit a slow-moving and largely incompetent one—to reverse the electoral will of the American people.

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Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to misdirect and waste time by holding yet another hearing on the Russia probe. Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today as the Republican-controlled body sought to gin up another dog and pony show akin to the endless hearings into Benghazi. The GOP knows they won’t find anything substantive but for them simply holding the hearings is enough to whip their base into a frenzy and convince them of Democratic and “Deep State” improprieties.

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At one point in the hearings, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) brought up the topic of alleged government leaks. For some reason, he decided to spell the word out, and did so with just four letters: “L-E-K-S.”

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The elderly senator didn’t seem to realize his mistake and simply forged on, eager to get to his propaganda talking points. While it’s a silly mistake to harp on, it does offer an indication of just how seriously we should take these proceedings. They’re a joke and the men carrying them out are as well. We are a poorer nation because of them.

Twitter users were quick to unleash a barrage of mockery which is frankly all these Republicans deserve at this point.

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