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Flailing Trump fires off all-caps Twitter tantrum in desperate attempt to make himself feel better

Flailing Trump fires off all-caps Twitter tantrum in desperate attempt to make himself feel better

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The president, clearly having a great deal of trouble coming to grips with reality, has continued his predictable but still disgraceful multi-day tantrum over his loss in the 2020 election.

In a slew of all-caps tweets on Tuesday morning, the president screamed into the void about how they were “making great progress” and were “going to win” and that he was suffering from “ballot counting abuse,” which is a deeply ironic thing for the man who has abused this nation for four years to complain about.

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He even trotted out his old buddy Ken Starr for some feel-good theatrics, but improperly identified him as “highly respected” and even “legal scholar” is fairly tenuous.

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The fact of the matter is that President-elect Joe Biden’s lead of Trump in the battleground states is far too substantial for any judge to overturn or for any discrepancies to somehow reverse. As many noted early this morning, the Bush V. Gore fiasco in which the Republican Party stole the election and then launched a war for profit that would kill nearly a million people was over a vote margin of just 537 votes.

Joe Biden’s leads are in the tens of thousands of votes.

It is obvious at this point that this preposterous dog-and-pony show by Republican lawyers to throw the election into doubt is entirely for the benefit of the president and his wounded ego. For example, the legal challenge that the Trump team is making in Maricopa County, Arizona, is over just 180 rejected ballots in a state that Biden leads by 14,747 votes. It’s a huge waste of everyone’s time and energy — not to mention another huge source of stress for a pandemic-stricken nation — that just goes to show that America made the right choice in kicking this squalling baby to the curb.

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