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Pompeo announces refusal to cooperate with incoming Biden team in shocking statement

Pompeo announces refusal to cooperate with incoming Biden team in shocking statement

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One would think that with a name like Pompeo, our nation’s Secretary of State would be prepared for a sudden volcanic disruption that transforms his life as he currently knows it.

For Donald Trump loyalist and arch-conservative Mike Pompeo, however, the slowly creeping lava flow of last week’s election results  — that saw his boss and chief patron lose by nearly five million votes — has only calcified his resolve to support the president’s delusional insistence that such an outcome could only be the result of the types of massive electoral fraud that he himself was accused of perpetrating in cahoots with Vladimir Putin in the 2016 presidential election.

NBC News national political reporter Josh Lederman tweeted Pompeo’s response when a journalist inquired as to whether the State Department would begin to cooperate with the Biden/Harris transition team to plan to hand over the reins of power.

Pompeo’s answer proved that he remains as deeply attached to Donald Trump’s delusional attempts to remain in power as the crustiest barnacle on the Titanic.

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Pompeo may envision a “smooth transition” to another term for a massive loser of the popular vote, but he must be reminded that in order to make a smoothie, all the ingredients are subjected to a powerful whirlpool where they are rent asunder by sharp blades that transmute the individual components into a palatable mixture.

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It seems unlikely that any repudiation of the vote count that delivered a win to the Democratic ticket would be either smooth or free of the slashing cuts to the will of the majority in this election.

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With the president’s air of invincibility permanently shattered by his loss — whether he and his team acknowledge it or not — reporters now seemingly feel safer in challenging administration officials’ most outrageous and transgressive statements without the threat of the thundering boulders of a Trump avalanche crashing down around them.

Pompeo apparently hasn’t gotten used to this new boldness from the press entourage, and he lashed out at reporters who suggested that there might be a hint of hypocrisy in the leader of the State Department’s inability to follow his own cautionary messages to other countries concerning the need to respect the democratic process through free and fair elections.

Pompeo’s indignation at being asked about the cognitive dissonance between his prescriptive warnings to other nations regarding their electoral processes and his and the president’s own anti-democratic (with both a lower-case and upper-case “D”) efforts to retain power in the face of repudiation is classic GOP arrogance and hypocrisy.

It is one of the reasons that Trump and the Republican Party were dealt such a resounding defeat last week.

Think of Pompeo’s pathetic bleatings as the death throes of a dying and soon-to-be irrelevant political group that has squandered its time in power by looting the nation of its resources for the benefit of its wealthy masters and left the populace surrounded by pestilence and in economic peril.

Hopefully, these unfortunate tantrums of denial will be ending soon and Pompeo and the rest of Trump’s deplorable minions will go back to the rocks they crawled out from under in 2016.

Cataclysmic eruptions aren’t easy to deal with, but they provide plenty of volcanic rocks to provide shelter for these soon-to-be political refugees.

You can watch Mike Pompeo smirk his way through his transition denialism in the video clip below.

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