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White Republican becomes subject of viral mockery after claiming to be a “black gay guy” on Twitter

White Republican becomes subject of viral mockery after claiming to be a “black gay guy” on Twitter

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Republicans are not taking Joe Biden’s victory well. President Trump still refuses to concede, elected GOP officials are lending their support to his lies that mass voter fraud stole the election from him, and many Republican voters are either buying into the misinformation or having meltdowns over the looming Biden administration, convinced that it marks the end of the Republic.

Dean Browning, a former Republican congressional candidate and former commissioner for Lehigh County, Pennslyvania managed to cut through all of the GOP chatter today with a viral tweet that quickly made him the laughingstock of social media.

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Browning’s pinned tweet on his profile states that President Biden will “destroy in 4 months” what “Trump built in 4 years,” an appealing prospect to those of us who hate the way in which Trump has weakened America on the global stage, targeted minorities with a litany of cruelties, and looted our coffers to line the pockets of his plutocrat buddies. Presumably, Browning was not operating under this same interpretation when he penned the message.

A Twitter user responded to Browning’s tweet and pointed out that Trump’s so-called accomplishments really just amount to him taking credit for things President Obama did during his tenure. Browning responded to the tweet by bizarrely calling himself a “black gay guy” and claiming that Obama did nothing for him and that his life is much better under Trump.

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The tweet immediately exploded with likes and retweets, with many assuming that Brown thought he was logged into a secondary fake African-American account when he posted the response. Browning soon deleted it but not before it spread like wildfire, unleashing countless jokes at his expense.

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Rather than ignoring the backlash, Browning claimed that the viral tweet from his account was actually him “quoting a message” he received from a follower. He apologized if the “context was not clear” but failed to explain why the original tweet wasn’t in quotes and wasn’t attributed to anyone else.

Browning then shared a video clip from “Dan Purdy,” an actual gay Black man who insists that the tweet sent out by Browning was in fact a transcription of a message he himself sent. The “Dan Purdy” account has since been suspended from Twitter, adding yet another weird wrinkle to this saga.

As if that weren’t strange enough, some Twitter users pointed out that “Dan Purdy” appears to be Byl Holt, possibly a relative of famed singer Patti Lebelle. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what’s really going on but one thing is painfully clear: Dean Browning is not someone that any of us should ever take seriously. The GOP folks, they’re simply not sending their best.

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