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Crazed Trump fan attacks senior citizens with golf club after allegedly seeing their Biden sign

Crazed Trump fan attacks senior citizens with golf club after allegedly seeing their Biden sign

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While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be preparing legislation that would allow residents of his state to shoot looters on sight without facing any criminal charges, it appears that the greatest danger faced by Americans in recent days comes from angry and disappointed Trump supporters lashing out at ecstatic Biden fans after the president’s clear election loss and his equally clear rejection of those results as somehow fraudulent, despite any evidence to bolster his enraged bleating.

The latest example of this disturbing trend comes from White Bear Lake, Minnesota where The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that 50-year-old Mark Anthony Ulsaker employed one of the president’s favorite pieces of sports equipment — a golf club — to assault two elderly Biden supporters who were sitting on a corner next to a homemade political sign that they had made and were displaying the day after Biden’s victory over Trump was confirmed by the news media.

Ulsaker allegedly pulled up to the 80-year-old man and 78-year-old woman in his truck and began shouting profanities before exiting his vehicle and approaching them from behind on foot.

He then is said to have proceeded to attack them with a golf club without any provocation whatsoever, swinging for his targets’ heads, according to the newspaper’s account of the incident.

Ulsaker’s assault was so vicious that he broke his makeshift weapon in the process of the alleged assault, a setback that didn’t deter him from continuing his attack by punching his elderly male victim in the head, according to witnesses.

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The suspect then fled to his pickup truck with the 78-year-old woman in hot pursuit.

Driving straight towards his victim over a curb, Ulsaker quickly fled the scene of the alleged crime. Luckily, the senior citizen managed to evade his attempted vehicular assault.

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Police were notified and, thanks to a license plate number provided by a witness to the incident tracked, managed to track Ulsaker down to his residence.

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The suspect did make his case any less difficult to challenge in court when he resisted arrest and swung at a police officer who was trying to take him into custody. A stun gun helped convince Ulsaker that he would be better off cooperating with the local officers.

During his post-arrest interrogation, the alleged perpetrator admitted that he “is a Trump supporter and that he got mad when saw the couple’s political sign.” He also confessed to kicking over the elderly couple’s sign, swinging his club at the woman, hitting her chair, and pushing it over with her in it.

He claimed that the punch he threw at the man was in self-defense after the man “came after him,”  a not-unexpected response to being attacked by a maniac with a golf club.

Donald Trump would likely be proud that one of his certified deplorables was driven as insane as he himself was by the prospect of a Trump-less White House.

Perhaps they will get to meet one day if, that is, authorities wind up placing them in the same prison. Maybe the disgraced former president will by then be able to offer some tips to Ulsaker on his golf swing.

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