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Donald Trump is roasted in British Parliament as the Prime Minister celebrates working with Biden

Donald Trump is roasted in British Parliament as the Prime Minister celebrates working with Biden

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Joe Biden is our President-elect and no amount of whining, lying, or frivolous lawsuits from Donald Trump can change that fact. As Republican officials beclown themselves by lending support to the outgoing president’s false claims of widespread voter fraud, the rest of the world is moving on. World leaders have been calling Biden to offer their congratulations on his win, many of them eager to return to an era of American stability and to once again have a rational, thinking individual in the White House.

Even some right-wing leaders known for their warm relationships with Donald Trump are recognizing Biden as the new American president, something which is sure to infuriate Trump. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, leader of the Conservative Party, has already spoken to Biden on the phone and today he discussed his conversation.

Making sure to refer to him as President-elect Joe Biden, Johnson told Parliament that he had an “excellent” talk with the triumphant Democrat and that they both “strongly” agree that there is a need for the United States and the UK to “once again” stand up for their “values around the world.” He listed human rights, global free trade, supporting NATO, and fighting climate change—all areas which it must be noted Trump either neglected or outright threatened—as pressing issues that he and Biden agree must be tackled head-on.

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“It was refreshing I may say to have that conversation. I look forward to many more,” Johnson added with what could easily be interpreted as a jab at Trump and an admission that he is tired of dealing with the infamously fickle and mendacious president.

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Member of Parliament Angela Eagle of the Labour Party pushed back on Johnson’s rosy remarks and asked if he had any advice for his “erstwhile best friend President Trump whose continuing refusal to accept the results is both embarrassing for him and dangerous for American Democracy.”

Johnson lurched back to his feet and said that he has had and continues to have a “good relationship with the previous president” because it is the “duty of all British Prime Ministers to have a good relationship with the White House.”

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He then pivoted back to Joe Biden and stated that he is “delighted” to see the many ways the incoming administration will be able to find “common cause” with the United Kingdom, in particular as it pertains to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), an international meeting related to the Paris Agreement which Biden intends to rejoin.

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PM Johnson was clearly trying to strike a diplomatic tone. He avoided directly insulting Trump or trying to dissuade him from his anti-democratic refusal to accept his electoral loss, but his word choice ultimately indicated no ambivalence. He seems genuinely relieved to have a new American president, even if it’s one whose views are diametrically opposed to his on many topics. The world recognizes that Joe Biden is our new leader. Now it’s time for Trump to do the same.

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