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Fox reporter claims he’s “not sure” who won the election, alludes to Electoral College siding with Trump

Fox reporter claims he’s “not sure” who won the election, alludes to Electoral College siding with Trump

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Fox News finds itself in a predicament now that Joe Biden has won the election and become our nation’s new President-elect. Normally, this would be when the right-wing network pivoted from shilling for the current Republican president to laying the groundwork for four years of attacks and smears against the incoming Democratic leader. Instead, Fox finds itself in a kind of limbo.

President Trump still refuses to concede the election and Republican officials have lent their support to his outrageous and patently false claims that widespread voter fraud is being harnessed to steal the presidency from him. Fox News has itself declared Biden the winner of the election but has tempered that call by breathlessly covering Trump’s lies and running segments fanning the flames of conspiracy about “voting irregularities.”

The higher-ups at the network know that their viewership is so polarized, so fanatically dedicated to Trump that they’ll revolt en masse if Fox covers Trump’s lies honestly and rejects his allegations. They realize they must humor his supporters if they want to keep the ad revenue dollars rolling in. In doing so, they are legitimizing attacks on the very foundations of our democracy for purely mercenary reasons. Never make the mistake of thinking Fox is even a little patriotic.

Today, Fox‘s senior White House correspondent John Roberts made the jaw-dropping statement that he’s “not sure” who the next president will ultimately end up being, conveniently ignoring the fact that his own network has already called the race for President-elect Biden.

At this point, there is absolutely no reason to think Trump will get a second term. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud and Biden’s margin of victory continues to rise. To say otherwise is to embrace the most pathetic form of delusion.

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Roberts discussed the numerous lawsuits that the Trump team is filing in their last-ditch effort to steal the election but failed to characterize them in such an honest light.

“If they don’t catch that break in court it may be over sooner rather than later but one thing is that if they do manage to prolong this process, we start to get into December,” said Roberts, a reference to when the Electoral College convenes on December 14 to officially cast each state’s electoral votes for the next president.

“There comes a time when these electors have to be seated to vote on who will become President of the United States. And I’m told that the anger out there in these red states is so deep and so palpable, the GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors when it comes down to putting in place that process for the vote on December 14th,” Roberts went on, implying that the disappointment of the MAGA crowd has any legitimate bearing on what comes next.

“That would be something,” replied host Bill Hemmer.

Roberts and Hemmer then briefly discussed the Georgia Senate runoff races before circling back to the presidential election.

“At some point, you know, people keep on assuring us that on January the 20th a president will be inaugurated. We’re just not sure at this point whether it will be a new president or the current president,” Roberts concluded.

“That’s some really interesting reporting. Thank you John for that,” said Hemmer, tacitly lending credence to the outlandish claim.

Trump lost. His supporters can whine about it all they want but the only way Trump stays in power at this point is through an electoral coup, something which Roberts seems to be recklessly alluding to. Say it with me now: Biden is your President-elect.

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