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Grasping at straws: Trump attacks “illegal” polls in wild projection of denial

Grasping at straws: Trump attacks “illegal” polls in wild projection of denial

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As the days pass, soon-to-be former President Trump is showing no signs of accepting the fact that he has lost the presidency of the United States. Quite the opposite, in fact — judging from his daily coping tweetstorms, it’s obvious he is retreating deep into a shell of delusion, conspiracy, and denial.

On Wednesday morning, Donald took to Twitter to complain that the “Fake Pollsters” at the Washington Post had created a “possibly illegal suppression poll” that showed him down 17 points in the must-win state of Wisconsin and declared that he is still preparing to “win the state.”

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This line about a “suppression poll” is certainly just something his aides concocted to make him feel better and to explain away his constant trailing in the majority of political polls taken in the run-up to the election.

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While the 17-point Biden lead poll was certainly an outlier, there was nothing illegal about it, and it’s ridiculous for him to say so. Equally ridiculous is the idea that he could still win the state, as former Vice-President Joe Biden leads by some 20,000 votes — far too many to be dismissed as fraud or some sort of corrupt plot by Democrats to steal the election, though that appears to have no bearing on Trump’s victimhood complex.

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It is becoming painfully clear that Donald Trump is not going to go quietly — but at this point, the sight of Donald Trump being dragged like a screaming toddler from the White House would be the most fitting end conceivable to the second most disastrous presidency in American history.

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