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Ivanka Trump provokes backlash for celebrating AP call of Alaska but not call of election for Biden

Ivanka Trump provokes backlash for celebrating AP call of Alaska but not call of election for Biden

Ivanka Trump seemingly has no problem accepting the calls of the election results from the Associated Press…at least when they indicate that her father has won a state.

The AP issued this tweet this morning announcing that Donald Trump had won Alaska’s three electoral votes, a contest that featured little doubt about the results in the traditionally conservative state.

It didn’t take the president’s favorite daughter too long to take to Twitter herself and crow about the news, despite its negligible impact on the overall outcome of the national election results.

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With her father shouting “FRAUD” in regards to any state tally that shows him losing to Joie Biden, Ivanka’s easy acceptance of this particular media interpretation of the mathematical electoral possibilities drew accusations of massive hypocrisy from social media observers who noted that The Associated Press had also already made another equally credible call on the national results of last week’s voting.

It’s not surprising that Ivanka — like the other members of her family — has decided to cherry-pick which election calls she is willing to recognize as legitimate.

Her thinly-disguised hypocrisy becomes fairly transparent when one realizes that she and her father will only acknowledge positive election news, especially since for the past four years they have been labeling any negative story about the president’s frequent misbehavior as “fake news.”

It simply goes to show you that Ivanka’s tweets should be ignored just as studiously as those of her father.

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