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The kids of newly elected Republican lawmaker beg he not be seated, allege sex abuse

The kids of newly elected Republican lawmaker beg he not be seated, allege sex abuse

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The Republican Party has become something of a haven for predators of all shapes so it’s with disgust but not necessarily surprise with which we should regard a new story from The Kansas City Star. Republican Representative-Elect Rick Roeber of the Missouri General Assembly has been accused by his adult children of committing physical, mental, and sexual abuse on them. Roeber’s children are beseeching the next Speaker of the State House to not seat him.

“You have the power to uphold the honor of our government in a time that trust and hope is waning. Please do what is right, not just for us, but for all those in Missouri who have suffered, and all the children you have sworn to protect,” wrote Anastasia Roeber, Samson Roeber, and Gabrielle Galeano in a letter to Republican House Speaker-Elect Vescovo. “As the highest office holder in the Missouri House, we are begging you to not allow this to happen,”  the Roebers wrote.

“Please, think if someone did this to your children. Is this the type of characteristics of someone who should be leading our state?” asked Roeber’s children.

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Vescovo and several other Republican officials released a group statement promising to “thoroughly investigate” the Roeber allegations.

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“As a party and a caucus we work tirelessly to protect the health and well-being of our young people, and we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who would endanger or abuse a child. The adult children of newly-elected state Representative Rick Roeber have made very troubling allegations regarding abuse that occurred when they were young,” stated the Republicans.

Under Missouri rules, a Speaker is allowed to block the seating of a duly-elected representative under certain circumstances. An ethics committee could be empaneled to dig into the accusations and could eventually recommend Roeber’s removal from the House. If 2/3 of the chamber votes against Roeber he would be expelled from office.

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For his part, Rep-Elect Roeber has denied the allegations by his children and ex-wife which were originally publicized in a September issue of The Kansas City Star. 

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Anastasia Roeber, who was adopted by Rick, claims that when she was 9-years-old her father made “improper sexual advances” at her. Samson Roeber claims that he was physically abused while Gabrielle Galeano has confirmed her siblings’ claims and says she was aware of the crimes at the time.

“He made me place my hand on his genitals. I just froze,” Anastasia told The Star. Later, Roeber allegedly asked her if he could “touch” her.

Hopefully, these claims are thoroughly vetted and if found to be credible, Roeber is removed from his elected position. The very last thing this country needs right now is another predator in a position of power.

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